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24 September 2003 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Military Investigates Guantanamo Bay Cases AFPS 24 Sept 2003-- The Defense Department is continuing its investigations into two cases associated with the confinement facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in which an Air Force translator is charged with espionage and an Army chaplain is being held pending charges.

  • U.S. to Expedite Security Assistance to Pakistan Washington File 24 Sept 2003-- The United States and Pakistan discussed bilateral military and security cooperation September 15-18 and agreed upon a schedule of joint military exercises and training, according to a joint U.S.-Pakistani statement. The United States also committed itself to expeditiously resolving security assistance issues, especially those relating to equipment requests and deliveries.
  • Remains of U.S. Servicemen Recovered in North Korea 24 Sep 2003 -- Remains believed to be those of four American soldiers missing in action from the Korean War have been recovered by two teams of U.S. specialists.
  • Joint Statement on U.S.-Pakistan Defense Consultative Group 24 Sep 2003 -- The U.S. - Pakistan Defense Consultative Group (DCG), met Sept. 15-18 in Washington, D.C. The meeting was co-chaired by U.S. Under Secretary of Defense Douglas J. Feith and Pakistani Defense Secretary retired Lt. Gen.Hamid Nawaz Khan.
  • R&R Leave Program Begins for Service Members, Civilians in Operation Iraqi Freedom AFPS 24 Sept 2003-- Service members and Defense Department civilians on 12-month orders in Iraq and Jordan supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom now have a rest and recuperation leave program that will allow them to take up to 15 days, excluding travel time, to visit family or friends in the United States or Europe.
  • Rumsfeld Supports Supplemental Spending Request AFPS 24 Sept 2003-- Acknowledging that $87 billion is "a great deal" of money, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told the Senate Appropriations Committee here today that the cost would be "far greater" if the United States sends a message to terrorists that "we're not willing to spend what it takes" to win the global war on terror.
  • Unit Puts Telemedicine Technology Through Its Paces AFPS 24 Sept 2003-- For many people, a summer road trip is a chance to exist on fast food, listen to nonstop radio programming and sightsee. But for 65 soldiers from the 48th Combat Support Hospital at Fort Meade, Md., a road trip in July was a chance to try out and evaluate medical equipment the Army may field in the future.
  • U.S. Naval Station Rota, Spain Celebrates 50th Anniversary Navy Newsstand 24 Sept 2003-- Spanish and U.S. military personnel will march in formation during a pass and review with attending senior officers and dignitaries Sept. 25, to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the agreement to establish a joint U.S/Spanish naval facility on the Bay of Cadiz, Sept. 26, 1953.
  • Rumsfeld -- Superior Capabilities Make for Military Might Washington File 24 Sept 2003-- Quality, not quantity, makes for military superiority in the 21st century -- and that is just what the United States is focusing on around the world, says Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
  • 102nd MILITARY INTELLEGENCE BATTALION FIELDS NEW UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE 8th Army [MS DOC] 24 Sept 2003-- 2nd Infantry Division is scheduled to begin flying the Shadow-200 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from Camp Mobile Sept. 26.
  • Friendship Dinner Addresses Upcoming 2nd Infantry Division Training Exercise and Concerns of Local Community Leaders 8th Army [MS DOC] 24 Sept 2003-- About 60 community leaders from towns and villages near training areas in northern Gyeonggi Province attended the 2nd Brigade Partnership Dinner and Exercise Brief Tuesday night, Sep. 16, at the Warrior Club on Camp Casey to learn more about an upcoming 2nd Infantry Division training exercise called Strike ARTEP and voice any concerns they had regarding the planned training exercise, which will run from Sep. 27 to Oct. 10.
  • FRP, Keeping the Navy Unpredictable Navy Newsstand 24 Sept 2003-- The Navy is adapting the Fleet Response Plan (FRP), a program developed to change the way ships deploy and to provide the United States with a greater range of naval options, adding the element of unpredictability to naval efficiency.

  • Kyrgyzstan: President Defends Russian Presence In Central Asia RFE/RL 24 Sep 2003 -- Kyrgyz President Askar Akaev has consistently advocated close ties and cooperation between his country and Russia. During his current visit to Moscow, Akaev said he sees no conflict of interest arising from the establishment of a Russian military airfield in Kyrgyzstan under the aegis of the CIS Collective Security Treaty when Kyrgyzstan has already made available an air base to the U.S.-led international antiterrorism coalition engaged in Afghanistan. Akaev also warned against what he termed "shortsighted" efforts to minimize Russia's influence in Central Asia, saying such efforts are doomed to failure.

  • Tajikistan: Dushanbe Considering Guarding Its Own Border With Afghanistan RFE/RL 24 Sep 2003 -- Tajikistan is considering assuming responsibility for security along its border with Afghanistan. Russian border guards have been keeping watch there for more than 10 years -- during Tajikistan's civil war and as the Taliban ruled the far bank of the Pyanj River -- all the while trying to keep out militants and narcotics traffickers. Tajik officials have sound reasons for stationing their own border guards on the frontier with Afghanistan, but there are also reasons why now may not be the right time.

  • BELGIUM / WAR CRIMES VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Belgium's highest court has dismissed war crimes cases against former President George Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

  • Dynamic Response 03 NATO KFOR 24 Sep 2003 -- Around 6,500 NATO and Partner's Reserve troops took part in the Operational Rehearsal "Dynamic Response 2003". The rehearsal took place between 26th of August and 24th of September 03.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • U.S. Official Says Rule of Law Key in Post-Conflict Societies Washington File 24 Sept 2003-- "[T]he importance of the rule of law to a system of peace cannot be overstated," according to Ambassador James Cunningham, U.S. deputy permanent representative to the United Nations.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Israel's foreign minister, Silvan Shalom, says Israel's security fence in the West Bank should also encompass Jewish settlements. His remarks came ahead of meetings on the issue Wednesday with top U-S officials in Washington
  • HAMAS FUNDING VOA 24 Sept 2003-- U-S intelligence sources estimate that the militant Palestinian group Hamas has an annual budget of 50 million dollars, raising much of that money through its reputation as a charity

  • LIBERIA: Up to 15,000 child soldiers in Liberia, UN says IRIN 24 Sep 2003 -- Up to 15,000 child soldiers have been conscripted to fight for government militia groups and rebel movements in Liberia, the United Nations said.
  • LIBERIA: Main rebel group declares end of hostilities in Liberia IRIN 24 Sep 2003 -- The four-year civil war between the Liberian government and the main rebel group, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) is finally over, the rebel group announced on Wednesday.
  • MACEDONIA FUTURE VOA 24 Sept 2003-- An analyst who spent the last two years in Macedonia says the job of stabilizing the former Yugoslav republic is not complete. Ed Joseph has just returned from directing research in Macedonia for the International Crisis Group. Wednesday he told a forum at Washington's Woodrow Wilson Center why he thinks the ethnically divided territory still faces an uncertain future
  • SERBIA/MILOSEVIC VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Serbia's special prosecutor said he is issuing an indictment against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. The indictment charges Mr. Milosevic with plotting the murder of a political opponent and with an attempt to kill another adversary.
  • IVORY COAST/CRISIS VOA 24 Sept 2003-- The latest political dispute in Ivory Coast appears to be deepening, as some rebels are calling for independence for the part of the country they occupy. This follows the withdrawal Tuesday of the main rebel group from the government of national reconciliation
  • SIERRA LEONE: War crimes suspect protests at trial by white men IRIN 24 Sep 2003 -- Santigie Kanu, a member of the military junta that ruled Sierra Leone in the late 1990s, protested that he was being tried by white men as he pleaded not guilty to war crimes and crimes against humanity, at the country's UN-backed Special Court.
  • ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: Meles urges UN to "salvage" peace process IRIN 24 Sep 2003 -- Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi has urged the UN Security Council to "salvage" the faltering peace process with Eritrea, saying the independent boundary commission set up to resolve the bitter border dispute was in a "terminal crisis".
  • ANGOLA-ZAMBIA: Concern over spontaneous returns IRIN 24 Sep 2003 -- Hundreds of Angolan refugees, eager to return to their home country now that peace prevails, have left a refugee settlement in Zambia to begin the long journey home under their own steam.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 24 Sep 2003 -- Sweden, Greece disagree on speed of European defense cooperation / Under fire at UN, Bush rejects early Iraq transfer / New Zealand troops take over from U.S. team for crucial rebuilding role in Afghanistan
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 24 Sep 2003 -- ISAF Commander Lt. Gen. Gliemeroth on force mandate / Chief of EU Military Staff confident "the time for EU-led mission in Bosnia will come" / Finnish military chief: NATO membership prerequisite for EU security core / UN secretary general challenges U.S. doctrine of preventive action / Hungarian parliament debates EU-NATO-related changes to constitution / President expected to dismiss defense minister

  • Russia: Prime Minister Tells China Oil-Pipeline Deal Postponed RFE/RL 24 Sep 2003 -- Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov (pictured) today said a $2.5 billion oil-pipeline deal with Beijing has been postponed.
  • BURMA SUU KYI VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Indonesian special envoy Ali Alatas says Burma's on-going detention of Aung San Suu Kyi is counterproductive, adding that the military government has set no time frame to release the country's opposition leader
  • U-S POLICY AFRICA VOA 24 Sept 2003-- The African continent has had a long and varied relationship with the United States. While not traditionally a high priority for most presidents, Africa has figured prominently on the foreign policy agendas of both the Clinton and Bush presidencies
  • INDONESIA TERROR BOMB VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Indonesian police are hunting for terrorists whom they believe have at least two bombs
  • BORDER/DRUGS VOA 24 Sept 2003--U-S law enforcement officials are reporting a significant increase in drug seizures along the U-S/Mexico border, partly, they say, because of increased security measures that are part of the war on terrorism
  • SUICIDE BOMBERS VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Suicide bombings are now an almost daily headline in newscasts and front pages around the world. Iraq has become the latest battleground where the grisly tactic has surfaced
  • BUSH'S U-N SPEECH VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Newspapers throughout the world are voicing their opinions of President Bush's address on Iraq at the United Nations.
  • U-N / RULE OF LAW VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Secretary General Kofi Annan says the United Nations is struggling to balance contradictory pressures as it tries to restore stability to war-torn countries.
  • Cuba After Fidel VOA 24 Sept 2003-- A leading United States expert on Cuba Tuesday unveiled a new book examining prospects for U-S Cuban relations in the years ahead
  • Launch Date Set for Boeing-Built e-BIRD Communications Satellite Boeing 24 Sep 2003 -- e-BIRD, the first satellite built by Boeing [NYSE:BA] for Eutelsat, S.A. of France, is set to launch on Saturday, September 27. The Boeing 376HP model satellite was built by Boeing Satellite Systems (BSS) in El Segundo, Calif.
  • ZIMBABWE: Resettled farmers encounter fallout from economic meltdown IRIN 24 Sep 2003 -- The prospects for agricultural revival in Zimbabwe in the new farming season have been thrown into doubt following reports that a parastatal charged with implementing the tillage programme among resettled subsistence farmers, is facing serious problems including the poor state of mechanised and other farming implements and a chronic shortage of fuel.

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