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Pak MP for Iran`s role in resumption of Islamabad-News Delhi talks


Islamabad, Aug 30, IRNA -- A member of Pakistani Parliament on 
Saturday said Iran should play a facilitator role in resumption of 
Pakistan-India dialogue on long-standing Kashmir issue. 
"I think, Iran, enjoying good relations with both the countries, 
can be handy in facilitating parleys, probably in Tehran," MP Bhandara
told IRNA in an interview. 
He said Norway`s role in negotiations between the Sri Lankan 
government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) was a good 
example for Iran or any other country, acceptable to New Delhi and 
Islamabad, to play a facilitator`s role. 
Bhandara, a Parsi by religion, was of the view that any major 
country, like the United States should not be invited to play any part
in resumption of Pak-India talks to settle the Kashmir issue. 
During his interaction with Indians, hailing from different 
sections of public life, he said, he learnt that chances of early 
parleys were remote because of polls in India`s five states, scheduled
for October this year. 
The Pakistani lawmaker visited India along with ten other 
lawmakers in July, following revival of Lahore-New Delhi bus service. 
About solution of Kashmir problem, he stated that any solution 
against the wishes of Kashmir people would not bring peace and would 
be counterproductive. 
"Pakistan and India will have to give due weight to Kashmiris` 
voice while finding a viable solution to the core issue of bitterness 
between the two nuclear-armed nations," he emphasised. 
He asserted that sustainable peace in the region would remain a 
mere dream, if India avoided serious and time-bound talks with 
Pakistan on Kashmir issue. 
In reply to a question, Bhandara believed the United States had 
committed a huge blunder by unleashing a war against Iraq, saying, a 
country could be occupied by force, but its people could never be 
"America or no other country has any right to attack a sovereign 
nation, flouting the United Nations charter," he was of the view. 
There is no place, he contended, for colonial style rule and the 
United States would have to leave Iraq, paving way for the Iraqis to 
take control of their own country. 
"With high-tech weaponry, wars can be won but not the hearts of 
people. America must understand this very fact and withdraw from the 
war-shattered country as early as possible," Bhandara observed. 
He proposed a well-devised strategy under the banner of UN to 
restore law and order in Iraq, cautioning resistance against American 
forces would increase with the passage of time. 
To a question, he asked who had given this right to US to dictate 
which country should have what type of arms. "Why Israel is being 
overlooked, despite possessing over 200 nuclear arms," he said with 
referring to American threats against Iran. 
Under UN charter, no country has any right to interfere in the 
affairs of any other nation, he said and added for global peace, 
Washington would have to shun double standard. 

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