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Pakistan to launch indigenous-made aircrfat in 4 days


Islamabad, Aug 30 -- Pakistan indigenously manufactured JF-17 fighter 
aircraft with the Chinese cooperation is set for its maiden flight 
within next three or four days, air force officials said Saturday. 
Briefing newsmen Chief Project Manager Air Vice Marshal Shahid 
Lateef said the JF-17 thunder is light-weight all- weather and 
multi-role aircraft. 
"In the surface attack and interdiction role the aircraft will be 
capable of striking at long distances." 
He said JF-17 will have capability of carrying short range, 
beyond visual range and anti-ship as well anti-radiation missiles in 
addition to carrying of high- and low-drag bombs, laser-guided bombs, 
runway penetration bombs and cluster bombs. 
Comparing the JF-17 and the light combat aircraft (LCA) of India, 
Air Vice Marshal Shahid Lateef said both the aircraft have compatible 
performance and combat potential. 
"However, the FJ-17 has an edge over LCA in Aviancs technology." 
He said India has so far invested 1.5 billion dollars on LCA while 
the total development cost of JF-17 is only four hundred fifty million
The serial production of the aircraft will begin by January 2006. 
Also talking to newsmen on the occasion, the Air Chief Air 
Marshal Kaleem Saadat said the manufacturing of JF-17 is a new 
milestone in the defence history of the country. 
He said the aircraft will replace in future, the Mairaj, F-16 and 
F-7 aircraft with the latest technology and it will meet professional 
requirements of the Pakistan Air Force. 

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