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Air passenger terminal to open by 2004

Marine Corps News

Release Date: 8/11/2003

Story by Sgt. John L. Zimmer III

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif.(August 8, 2003) -- In a state of the art move to advance Marine Corps Air Station Miramar into the 21st century, Facilities and Logistics Department, Engineering Division contracted a local company to build an Aerial Point of Embarkation facility.

Harper Construction Company was awarded a $4 million contract to build the facility to help with the embarkation and debarkation of service members to overseas areas.

According to Wendell Beacham, project manager, Facilities and Logistics Department, Miramar had the designation of APOE when it was in Marine Corps Air Station El Toro and that designation carried over when the Air Station moved here.

"Because of Miramar's designation as the APOE, the facility has to meet all the requirements of an APOE," he said. "We must be able to process up to 500 personnel for departure."

Beacham continued by saying that after personnel have been processed for departure, commands do not want them to roam around before they leave. He added that this facility would accommodate them until they depart.

Beacham said during the processing phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Station Theater was used as an overflow to process some of the personnel leaving.

"With this facility being built, we will not have to use the Station Theater as an overflow," said Navy Lt. Jennifer MacBain, assistant officer in charge of construction, Southwest Division, Naval Facilities and Engineering Command.

"We needed a terminal that would support operations for an airfield this size," Beacham added. "It is going to be the most state-of-the-art and modern air facility on the Marine Corps."

During construction of the terminal, three existing buildings will be demolished to make way for the modern facility.

According to the project information papers, the new facility will have information and check-in counters, offices for flight operations personnel, restrooms, a security fence and an anti-hijacking system.

Along with the new check-in facility, there will be a 50,000 square foot cargo staging area built. This area will be used for storage and maintenance of war reserve mobilization materials in support of processing the expeditionary forces during significant airlift operations.

The APOE is scheduled to open in June 2004.

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