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Release #05-20030506 May 6, 2003 YONGSAN, REPUBLIC OF KOREA - The Department of the Army has implemented a second involuntary extension for selected 8th U.S. Army soldiers. More than 1800 soldiers and warrant officers in the 8th U.S. Army whose previous departure dates were June 1, to Aug. 30, 2003 are affected by the involuntary extension. The soldiers and warrant officers affected in the previous 90-day extension are not included in this iteration. All affected personnel are in mission-critical specialties. The involuntary extension will not affect soldiers scheduled to retire or complete their enlistment term within these dates. Soldiers affected by this involuntary extension have been notified by their chain of command. "This second Involuntary Foreign Service Tour Extension will ensure that 8th Army remains at its optimal readiness level and is fully capable of its operational missions," said Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell, commanding general, 8th U.S. Army. "The potential exists for at least one more involuntary extension after Aug. 30 as the Army recovers from worldwide contingencies. The readiness of 8th Army is absolutely critical, and we will maintain our personnel strength at the readiness rates to ensure that we are prepared to accomplish all missions," Campbell said. As with the previous IFSTE, soldiers impacted by this extension who volunteer to extend their tour for nine months (12 months from their original departure date) will receive full benefits of the Overseas Tour Incentive Program (OTEIP). All requests to extend must be received by 8th PERSCOM within 30 days of the original departure date from Korea. Enlisted soldiers on one-year tours who extend for one year and enlisted soldiers with command sponsorship or joint domicile on two-year tours who extend for two years are considered to be on an "in-place consecutive overseas tour," or IPCOT, and may choose any of four options. Enlisted soldiers with command sponsorship or joint domicile on two-year tours who extend for one year may choose between option #2, #3, or #4. The options: 1. Free round-trip airplane transportation to their home of record. 2. Thirty days of non-chargeable leave. 3. Free round-trip airplane transportation to the nearest aerial port of debarkation (Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle) and 15 days non-chargeable leave. 4. $2000 to be received in the first month of the extension. "Just as we accomplished the first extension, we will continue to provide information as it becomes available in order to keep our soldiers informed and mitigate inconveniences that an Involuntary Extension may cause them and their families," said Campbell. - 30 -

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