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#R-03-018 April 9, 2003


The Department of the Army announced today it would create a single command to perform the functions of the current U.S. Total Army Personnel Command in Alexandria, Va. and U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Command, in St Louis, Mo. The command will integrate the two existing organizations into a multi-component field operating agency (FOA) under the Army G-1 to better meet the future needs of Army soldiers and civilians. The Civilian Personnel Operations Center Management Agency (CPOCMA) will realign into this FOA at a later date. These decisions are the result of a recommendation of an Army-level Human Resources Integrated Process Team (HRIPT) that convened last year. That Task Force made several recommendations affecting FOA-level operational support to HQDA that have been since approved by the Secretary of the Army.

In February, the G-1 directed the establishment of a multi-component task force to oversee the implementation of the Secretary's decision. The Human Resources Transition Task Force (HRTTF) should "concentrate on process re-engineering to support mergers and re-alignment," said Lt. Gen. John Le Moyne, the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. The HRIPT recommendations are far-reaching, complex, and involve the active Army, Army Reserve, National Guard, DA civilians and contractors Le Moyne added. "This will have long-lasting impacts on our Army's future and our support operations. This is not an easy task."

"The organizational realignment of PERSCOM and AR-PERSCOM is a historical milestone in Army Transformation. This integration will serve as the foundation for changing the manner in which we care for the Army's most valuable resource and foundation, its people," said Lt. Gen. James Helmly, the Chief of Army Reserve. "We are excited about the opportunities this realignment represents and will work energetically to fully realize the immense potential improvement this will bring."

"We see a tremendous opportunity to improve the quality of personnel support to our soldiers, families and civilian workforce as we transform the Human

Resource functions of our Army," said Lt. Gen. Roger Schultz, the Director of the Army National Guard. "We believe we can team where appropriate and integrate some of the personnel systems of all Army components to improve customer service while at the same time protecting the state control of our Army National Guard as exercised by the Governors and state Adjutants General."

"Establishing a single command for civilian personnel operations will allow for more efficient and effective servicing of the Army's workforce," said Mr. David Snyder, the Assistant G1 for Civilian Personnel Policy. "While we will face many challenges in making this change, the hard work ahead is the right thing to do for all Army civilian employees worldwide."

PERSCOM and AR-PERSCOM will retain their respective names and unit insignia until a date to be determined. "This is an opportunity to demonstrate we are 'The Army' and a step closer to being on the objective when the Objective Force arrives." said Maj. Gen. Dorian T. Anderson, executive agent for the effort, during a discussion with the HR Transition TF.

The HRTTF will plan and execute actions related to postal operations, personnel and civilian pay functions, and other human resource functions.

Other human resource realignments include:

  • Realign policy, resource and administrative control of Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers and Civilian Personnel Operations Centers under CPOCMA.

  • Consolidate policy and operations for all Senior Executive Service personnel under the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs).

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