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SGLI provides war-related coverage

by Tech. Sgt. Miconna J. Boaldin
Air Force Print News

04/09/03 - SAN ANTONIO -- Military members covered by the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance are covered in the event of death in a military conflict. But surviving family members of those who choose commercial life-insurance policies instead of SGLI coverage may not be so lucky.

Many commercial life-insurance policies carry what is called a "war clause" or "military service exclusion," a provision that excludes coverage for death or injury caused by acts of war, according to the National Guard Bureau staff judge advocate. If the policy has a "war clause" or "exclusion," the life insurance company is not required to pay the full face value of the policy to beneficiaries.

SGLI does not have a war clause. Servicemembers maintaining SGLI and their families are covered in these cases. The NGB noted that some commercial life-insurance companies -- as a matter of company policy, customer service and public support -- do not have war clauses in their policies.

The important thing, according to the judge advocate is for military members -- active, Guard or Reserve -- to read their policies carefully and maintain insurance for themselves to ensure coverage and benefits during times of conflict.

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