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Beans, bullets, and band-aids; Supporting Marines with supplies


Story Identification Number: 200335154350
Story by Lance Cpl. Shawn C. Rhodes

CAMP RYAN, Kuwait (Feb. 27, 2003) -- More than 400 Task Force Tarawa Marines moved over 1,000 mission-essential and recreational items from shore to Camps Ryan and Shoup in an offload recently.

"Our mission is to move over one thousand pieces of equipment hundreds of miles, and deliver them to the Marine units of Task Force Tarawa," said Gunnery Sgt. Kerry L. Dunlap, the G-4 operations chief. "We have to account for every single Marine and every piece of gear the whole trip - and do it all in 72 hours."

What would seem to be a logistical nightmare to many civilian-shipping companies, the embarkation Marines of TFT completed in stride.

"Thousands of Marines and Sailors will benefit from this offload," said Dunlap. The Richmond, Ca. native continued "?we are providing all the gear needed to accomplish any given mission. From vehicles to computers, a little bit of everything is being delivered."

The gear was packed up and embarked on the USS Watson and the USS Red Cloud in early January after TFT Marines were first notified of this deployment. Marines are designed to be completely self-sustained while in the field, and the offload will allow these Marines to fulfill that task.

"So far, we've had to rely on local contractors for things like large tents, fuel, and things like that. With this offload we'll have everything we need to survive on our own here in the field - and survive well," said Dunlap.

The packing list includes not only military items like humvees and ammunition, but also quality of life items like cots, flooring for tents, and recreational items like board games and sporting equipment.

Marines from both Camps Ryan and Shoup coordinated with the TFT logistics section and each other to arrange for drivers for the offloaded vehicles, for Marines to inventory the items and to keep track of them throughout the journey, and for Marines to provide security.

"Everybody's been working together to get this job done," said Gunnery Sgt. Ronnie Glenn, the embarkation chief for G-4, TFT. "All this gear will help us accomplish the mission here. Every unit from the combat units to the administration units will feel the effect of this delivery. We'll all be able to do our jobs better and faster."

Not only will the items contained in the shipment benefit military missions; they will also benefit the individual Marine sections and shops.

"A few days ago, if we wanted something moved, we?d have to physically do it or find a vehicle from another unit to help out," said Cpl. James M. May, the supply section Non-Commissioned Officer, and a native of Collinsville, Ill. "With all of our stuff arriving, we?ll have more than enough vehicles to get any job done. It will allow us to focus on mission accomplishment and not so much about getting the things we need to accomplish it."

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