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4th MAW calls up last 26

Story by Cpl. Lana D. Waters
Story Identification Number: 200326114848

MARINE FORCES RESERVE, New Orleans (February 6, 2003) -- The last twenty-six reserve Marines with Headquarters, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing have been activated in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The reserve Marines were notified Jan. 28, and reported in, here, for duty on Jan. 31 to augment 4th MAW units stationed throughout the world.

Staff Sgt. Gordon J. Broussard, manpower chief, Headquarters, 4th MAW, said the Marines called up are mostly administration Marines. Additionally, Marines from dispatching, intelligence, and communications were activated as well.

"The Marines will be checking in and getting their gear this week, and should be leaving within the next two weeks," Broussard said.

The majority of the Marines called up will be going to other commands, but six will be staying in New Orleans to support MFR, said Broussard.

During any activation, reserve Marines make tremendous sacrifices by leaving their civilian lives behind.

"It could be worse," said reserve Cpl. George F. Bentley, computer technician, 4th MAW, "I look around to all the Marines that are leaving their families behind and I think 'It's not so bad'. I'm sure there is a good reason we are going."

This is the forth and final activation of reserve Marines for 4th MAW, said Lt. Col. Steve Driggers, personnel officer, 4th MAW.

"Everything is running really smooth," Driggers said. "Some of the first Marines to be activated are now reaching their final destination. Most of them are working in their own MOS, too."

Including these twenty-six reserve Marines, a total of 139 Marines have been activated from 4th MAW. Today there are 12,283 reserve Marines activated in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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