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27 November 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Enemy Troops Use Hit-and-Run Tactics in Afghanistan AFIS 27 Nov 2002 -- American service members and their coalition allies continue operations in Afghanistan. U.S. camps have been targets of hit-and-run attacks from Taliban and al Qaeda sympathizers over the last week. U.S. personnel also have found arms caches and shut down a drug lab. There were no U.S. casualties

Other Conflicts

  • U-S-NIGERIA VIOLENCE VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- The United States is condemning officials in the northern Nigerian state of Zamfara, who reportedly issued a Muslim death decree or "fatwa" against a woman journalist who wrote a report on the Miss World beauty pageant seen as insulting to Islam. U-S officials are calling Nigerian authorities to put an end to the religious violence stemming from the controversy
  • Powell/Greece/Cyprus VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell says the plan to reunite Cyprus presented earlier this month by U-N Secretary-General Kofi Annan presents a "historic opportunity" to resolve the long-standing dispute over the island. He spoke to reporters after talks about Cyprus and related issues with Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou
  • SRI LANKA VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- In Sri Lanka, Tamil Tiger rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran says he will accept regional autonomy for Sri Lanka's Tamil minority population, but has threatened to resume the group's separatist struggle, if the demand is not met. The Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels embarked on a peace process earlier this year, raising hopes of ending a civil war that began 19 years ago
  • IVORY COAST / TALKS VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin is in West Africa on a six-nation trip designed to help save troubled peace talks between the Ivory Coast government and rebels who control the northern part of the country. Both sides have criticized French mediation in its former African colony
  • ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- The armed wings of Palestinian guerrilla groups have vowed to intensify attacks throughout Israel today, after two of their leaders were killed in the West Bank town, Jenin. Israel has not yet accepted responsibility for the killings
  • EAST TIMOR VERDICT VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- An Indonesian court has sentenced a notorious East Timorese militia leader to 10 years in prison for crimes against humanity
  • ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- The armed wings of two Palestinian guerrilla groups have vowed to intensify attacks throughout Israel, after two of their leaders were killed in an explosion the militants blame on the Israeli army. Israel has not accepted responsibility for the killings

Defense Policy / Programs

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News Reports

  • SOUTH KOREA/US APOLOGY VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- President Bush has apologized for the deaths of two South Korean schoolgirls killed by U-S soldiers in a road accident. The American ambassador in Seoul conveyed the apology in a bid to stem public anger after two servicemen were cleared of criminal negligence by U-S military courts
  • PRAGUE SUMMIT: NATO REINVENTED FOR NEW THREAT AND AS 'TOOL' FOR U.S. Foreign Media Reaction 27 Nov 2002-- Global opinionmakers concluded that the Prague Summit had "buried" the Warsaw Pact and given NATO a "new mission" in a supporting role in the U.S.-led fight against terrorism. / Many reflected that the significance of admitting former members of the Eastern bloc had been eclipsed by the focus on Iraq and the "reorganization" of the U.S., Russia and Europe./ European writers either praised NATO enlargement for strengthening the alliance or complained that it had been retooled to serve U.S. interests first./ Others derided NATO for becoming a "political club" instead of a military alliance.
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 27 Nov 2002 -- U.S. berates Europe for ambiguous stand on Hamas / Defense Minister says radical Islamic groups pose significant danger to Russia / Rumsfeld: Requests for allies against Iraq shows U.S. 'seriousness of purpose' / Chancellor Schroeder pledges Germany will supply Israel with Patriot missiles / America isn't pressuring Arabs to help in possible war on Iraq / New rocket attack in Kabul, peacekeepers investigating / Greece sees new Turkey as model for Muslim world / Germany says EU force could take over SFOR / Top Yugoslav military official denies arms deals with Iraq / Yugoslav army to be significantly downsized over the next decade / Macedonia (sic) agrees to hand over war crimes cases to UN tribunal /UN body to urge North Korea nuclear checks
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 27 Nov 2002 -- SHAPE hosting force generation conference for ISAF 3 / Adm. Forbes explains that SACLANT is getting new name, new mission / Germany, France propose EU defense union / Germany grants U.S. forces transit, overflights in case of Iraq war

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