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21 November 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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Current Operations

  • KUWAIT/AMBUSH VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- A gunman wounded two U-S soldiers in Kuwait during what authorities are calling an ambush. The attack occurred on a highway near Kuwait City
  • BURMA PRISONER RELEASE VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- The Burmese government is freeing 115 political prisoners in what it calls the largest single release since reconciliation talks with pro-democracy leaders began two years ago. The development follows a visit by the U-N special envoy to Burma last week

Other Conflicts

  • BUSH MIDEAST VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- President Bush says he is "greatly disturbed" by the latest suicide bombing in Israel. At least 10 people are dead following an attack on a bus in Jerusalem today (Thursday).
  • ISRAEL BOMBING SCENE VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- Eleven Israelis were killed in Jerusalem by a suicide bomber on a crowded bus. Most of the victims appear to be teenagers, who were on their way to school
  • IVORY COAST TALKS VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- Mediators working to broker an end to the rebellion in Ivory Coast are reviewing proposals for a peace accord that were presented to them this week by both rebels and the government.
  • JERUSALEM BOMB VOA 21 Nov 2002-- A suicide bomber has killed himself and at least 10 others in an attack on a bus in Jerusalem on Thursday morning
  • U.S. Criticizes Sudan Human Rights Record Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- The United States "will continue to work to shine a spotlight on the human rights abuses committed by the Sudanese government and to bring them to an end," U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte said November 20.
  • Grossman Says U.S. Sees Now as "Great Time" to Solve Cyprus Problem Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- The United States believes that between now and the December 12 European Union Summit in Copenhagen is a "great, great time" to solve the problem of Cyprus, the U.S. State Department's Marc Grossman told Greek TV in an interview November 14.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Deployment Anxiety at Fort Drum VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- As the world waits for the findings of U-N Weapons Inspectors in Iraq, soldiers and their families at Fort Drum in upstate New York are paying special attention. The light infantry of the 10th Mountain Division which is based there played a combat role in Afghanistan last year. Many soldiers returned from Central Asia little more than six months ago. Now, the community at Fort Drum is living through another period of anxiety as deployments to Iraq loom
  • SOUTH KOREA - US TRIAL VOA 21 Nov 2002-- A second US soldier has gone on trial Thursday in South Korea for the deaths of two schoolgirls who were killed by an armored vehicle he was driving. There has been an angry reaction following the acquittal of his colleague, who was riding in the same vehicle
  • MSSG-24 sustains MEU in desert environment Marine Corps News 21 Nov 2002-- When the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) headed out to a remote desert location to conduct live fire exercises, self-sustainment became its biggest challenge. Yet, the MEU Service Support Group met that challenge and surpassed the difficult expectations of providing the MEU with water, fuel, ammunition, and transportation.
  • Fox Battery rocks CentComm Marine Corps News 21 Nov 2002-- Marines from Battery F., Battalion Landing Team 2nd Bn., 2nd Marines, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) recently deployed to U.S. Central Command's Area of Responsibility to participate in live fire training.
  • Compromise Reached on Navy Sonar VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- The United States Navy has agreed to temporarily limit testing of a new low-frequency sound wave device it wants to use on ships in the world's oceans. This sonar device is used to find enemy submarines at great distances. The agreement is a compromise between the Navy and environmental groups. The groups took legal action to halt the testing of the new sonar system. They said the noise from the device would injure or kill whales and other animals that live in the oceans
  • BUSH NATO VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- President Bush is strongly backing NATO's decision to invite seven central and Eastern European countries to join the alliance. He spoke just minutes after the NATO allies took the move at their Prague summit
  • NATO Secretary General Robertson Welcomes Seven New Members Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- Secretary General presides as Prague Summit enlarges alliance) The latest round of enlargement will boost NATO's strength, cohesion and vitality, the alliance's secretary general, Lord George Robertson, said November 21 as current members voted to add seven more nations to their number.
  • Rice Calls Developments at NATO Summit Meeting "Historic" Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- President Bush's National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice characterized the NATO Summit in Prague as historic, as she briefed reporters November 21 on the day's events.
  • NATO Heads Approve New Members, New Capabilities Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- Leaders of the NATO nations have cited acceptance of seven new members into the alliance and commitments to new military capabilities and to new relationships with partners outside NATO as accomplishments of their summit meeting in Prague.
  • Bush Welcomes NATO's Decision to Invite Seven New Members Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- NATO Heads of State and Government, at the start of their two-day Summit in Prague November 21, formally invited seven new countries to join the Alliance: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  • NATO Building New Capabilities for New Challenges Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- NATO is transforming to meet the new challenges of the 21st century. NATO's core mission of defending the nations of the Alliance remains; but the threats of the Cold War have ended, and the new threats -- a dangerous nexus of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and rogue dictatorial regimes -- is growing. After the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, America's NATO allies wanted to help fight terror and most did, but because of the speed with which the Afghan campaign was planned and their limited combat power projection capabilities, many NATO allies were not able to contribute as fully and meaningfully as they wanted. Our agenda for NATO capabilities improvements at Prague is intended to make NATO able to play the vital role its members on both sides of the Atlantic want in defending against new threats.
  • NATO Expansion Make Defending Peace Easier, Bush Says Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- President Bush said in an interview with LNK TV of Lithuania that NATO will be strengthened and given a "new spirit" by the addition of countries that previously experienced Soviet domination.
  • U.S. Reviews Defense Trade Export Policy Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- The Bush Administration has begun a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of U.S. defense trade policies, to identify changes necessary to ensure that those policies continue to support U.S. national security and foreign policy goals. The review will be completed in six months.
  • Fact Sheet: Czech Republic Military Deployments Abroad Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- The Czech Republic has participated in peacekeeping operations in Southeast Europe since the beginning of the nineties as a contributing state to the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in Croatia. Since 1995, it has contributed forces to NATO deployments in Bosnia. The Czech Republic currently maintains a joint Czech-Slovak mechanized battalion in Kosovo and a staff of 15 officers in Bosnia.
  • Director PA&E Cambone Briefing on Phase II of the Budget Rollout Plan 21 Nov 2002-- Cambone: The services submitted their program objective memoranda, their POMs, on 22 August. We came down shortly after that to talk with you about the process that was going to unfold, and we said sometime toward the end of September we would have gotten through the process of reviewing their submissions and gone back to them, via discussions with the secretary and the other senior management of the department, on recommendations for adjustments or changes. Then, by the end of October, we would have sort of run those through and had a better sense of what kinds of choices and options were available to the secretary; that he, the secretary, then would take those options sometime in the early part of November, which is in fact where we are now, review those and then on the basis of his review be able, after proper consultations with the chairman and others in the department, make his proposals to the president then for inclusion in the budget.
  • Summit Puts NATO Transformation in High Gear AFPS 21 Nov 2002-- While enlargement was the marquee event at the North Atlantic Alliance summit, it really served to highlight that this gathering was a "Transformation Summit," in the words of NATO Secretary-General George Robertson.
  • DoD Preparing Fiscal 2004 Budget Request for White House AFPS 21 Nov 2002-- Defense Department officials are in the final stages of preparing the DoD fiscal 2004 budget request for the president, a senior adviser said today.
  • NATO Invites Seven Nations to Join AFPS 21 Nov 2002-- NATO heads of state have invited seven countries to join the alliance.
  • 22d MEU TO DEPLOY WITH BIGGER PUNCH Marine Corps News 21 Nov 2002-- When the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) steams eastward from North Carolina next summer to assume its role as the landing force for the U.S. Sixth Fleet, it will do so packing a combat punch never before seen in an amphibious ready group (ARG).
  • STARTING DOWN THE PATH TO DEPLOYMENT: 22d MEU COMMAND ELEMENT 'STANDS UP' Marine Corps News 21 Nov 2002-- Less than three months after returning from its successful deployment as the landing force for the U.S. Fifth and Sixth Fleets, the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) has taken the first step down the long path toward its next deployment.
  • Maintenance Marines keep "Frogs" and CH-53Es Battle Ready Marine Corps News 21 Nov 2002-- Throughout the Marine Corps there are many unsung heroes, the ones who work behind the scenes, the Leathernecks who ensure the welfare and success of their comrades in the spotlight.
  • Keeping watch over NATO summit AFPN 21 Nov 2002-- As NATO leaders gather in Prague Nov. 21 for a two-day the summit, members of an Air Force communications unit are doing their part to keep a watchful eye over Czech Republic airspace.
  • Americans participate in Keen Sword 03 exercise AFPN 21 Nov 2002-- U.S. Air Force, Japanese air self-defense force and maritime defense force helicopters rescued several downed airmen Nov. 14 as part of joint exercise Keen Sword 03. The 33rd Rescue Squadron at Kadena Air Base, Japan, deployed two HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters along with 39 airmen to participate in the biannual exercise.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • NATO SUMMIT VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- Leaders of the 19-member NATO alliance have agreed to create a rapid response force to boost the organization's ability to face new threats, such as terrorism. The move followed the alliance's decision to accept seven former communist countries as members in 2004
  • NATO ENLARGEMENT VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- NATO leaders meeting in Prague have invited seven former-communist eastern European countries to join the alliance. The decision will stretch NATO's security umbrella from the Baltic to the Black Sea
  • RUSSIA / NATO VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- As NATO prepares to admit a second round of new members, Moscow remains opposed to an enlargement that would extend the alliance to Russia's borders. Yet unlike the first wave of expansion in 1999, Russian reaction this time around is far more muted.
  • ESTONIA / NATO VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- A little more than a decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, people in Estonia are celebrating something many doubted they would ever receive -- an invitation to join the NATO alliance. The official invitation came today (Thursday), at a meeting of NATO leaders in Prague
  • ROMANIA / NATO VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- Romania has hailed the invitation to join NATO as a new beginning. From the country's President to people on the street there are expressions of high hopes as they see the country moving to rejoin the European family
  • ANGOLA WEAPONS VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- The leader of Angola's former rebel group, UNITA, says reports the group once possessed fighter jets and helicopters were a disinformation ploy by the rebels
  • KENYA / REFUGEES VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- A human-rights group says refugees in Kenya and Uganda are victims of beatings, sexual violence, and arbitrary arrest. A report by Human Rights Watch blames the U-N refugee agency and the governments of Kenya and Uganda for failing to protect the refugees.
  • "A Policy-maker's Perspective on Think Tanks," by Richard N. Haass Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- From the perspective of U.S. policy-makers, today's think tanks offer five principal benefits, according to Ambassador Richard N. Haass, who is Director of Policy and Planning at the State Department. He says they generate "new thinking" among U.S. decision-makers, provide experts to serve in the administration and Congress, give policy-makers a venue in which to build shared understanding on policy options, educate U.S. citizens about the world, and provide third-party mediation for parties in conflict
  • "Think Tanks and the NATO Enlargement Debate," by Ronald D. Asmus Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- There are moments in the evolution of U.S. foreign policy where think tanks have had a decisive impact in reshaping conventional wisdom and setting a new course on a key strategic issue. The debate over NATO enlargement in the early 1990s was one of those moments. U.S. think tanks played a key role in developing and building support for the U.S. decision to enlarge NATO as part of a broader strategy of overcoming the continent's Cold War divide and building a Europe whole and free and at peace.
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 21 Nov 2002-- NATO leaders formally invite seven countries to join the Alliance / Alliance agrees on strike force and capabilities drive / NATO commits to "effective action" to back UN on Iraq / NATO to support Afghan security force

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