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20 November 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

  • Zoellick: It's in Philippines' Interest to Help U.S. Fight Terror Washington File 20 Nov 2002-- United States Trade Representative Robert Zoellick told Filipino reporters in a November 20 press conference in Manila that Philippine support for the United States in the war against terrorism is not an altruistic act on the part of Manila, but is based on the interests of the Philippines itself.

Other Conflicts

  • IVORY COAST / TALKS VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- Rebels in Ivory Coast say they will not accept an offer by President Gbagbo to change the country's constitution
  • SAF/ARMS CACHE VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- South African police have uncovered two large arms caches in separate provinces. The government is hunting for right-wing extremists blamed in a series of bombings, and who have threatened to stage more attacks during the holiday season
  • Roots of Russia-Chechnya Conflict VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- The hostage-taking tragedy in Moscow last month brought the long-simmering conflict between Russia and the breakaway republic of Chechnya back into world headlines. The seizure of a Moscow theater by Chechen rebels has prompted an even greater crackdown on Chechnya by Russia. And it may have decreased any immediate prospects for peace in the war-torn region
  • DENMARK / CHECHNYA VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- The Danish capital, Copenhagen, will host a public debate on Chechnya Friday. The gathering comes less than a month after Denmark infuriated Russian authorities by allowing a world congress of Chechen exiles to be held, days after Chechen rebels seized a Moscow theater
  • Conference on the Horn of Africa Explores Possibility of Confederation Washington File 20 Nov 2002-- Common interest needed to link Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia

Defense Policy / Programs

  • DoD Research Project Necessary Adjunct to War on Terror AFPS 20 Nov 2002-- Stopping terrorists before they can strike depends on government officials being able to search for clues in "a mass of data." Defense researchers are working on a project that will enable just such a capability.
  • NATO Faces Different Threats Today From 50 Years Ago AFPS 20 Nov 2002-- The dangers facing NATO today are vastly different from those the alliance faced when it was formed, President Bush said today in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • X-31 makes ESTOL landing on virtual runway NAVAIR Release 20 Nov 2002-- The X-31 VECTOR test team reached a major milestone here on Monday when Maj. Cody Allee engaged the aircraft's Extremely Short Takeoff and Landing mode and performed the project's first two ESTOL landings to a virtual runway 5,000 feet in the air. Five more ESTOL approaches were performed on Tuesday.
  • Quick Bolt Continues AARGM Success on NAVAIR Ranges NAVAIR Release 20 Nov 2002-- The United States European Command (USEUCOM) sponsored, U.S. Navy and Office of the Secretary of Defense funded Quick Bolt Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) program successfully completed its first missile test firing last week at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) western test range complex in southern Calif.
  • Expeditionary Strike Group NAVSEA Observer 20 Nov 2002-- The Expeditionary Strike Group - sometimes called an Expeditionary Strike Force - is a revamped amphibious ready group with the ability to disperse strike capabilities across a greater range of the force, increasing the striking power in the amphibious ready group.
  • Transcript: NATO America's Most Important Global Relationship, Bush Says Washington File 20 Nov 2002-- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is America's "most important global relationship," and the United States strongly supports its enlargement now and in the future, President Bush said November 20 in a Prague speech on the eve of the two-day NATO Summit in the Czech capital.
  • Transcript: Bush Lays Out Strategic Vision for NATO, U.S. Official Says Washington File 20 Nov 2002-- The President, in his November 20 Prague speech, laid out an important strategic vision for NATO enlargement, enunciated first in his Warsaw speech of 2001, a senior Bush administration official said, as he briefed reporters on the President's activities in Prague preceding the November 21-22 NATO Summit in the Czech capital.
  • Defense Department Briefing Transcript Washington File 20 Nov 2002-- Clarke: And I'll turn briefly to the situation in Iraq. Admiral Gove's going to give you more of the details. But as you know, the Iraqi regime continues to fire on coalition aircraft. The regime in Baghdad is attacking aircraft, coalition planes that are there to protect the Iraqi people, and they are doing this at the very same time that Saddam Hussein is professing he'll comply fully with the U.N. resolutions and the international community.
  • BUSH NATO VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- President Bush says with the enlargement of NATO, the soul of Europe will grow stronger. He spoke as alliance leaders gathered in the Czech Republic for their first summit in a former Soviet bloc country
  • SOUTH KOREA US MILITARY TRIAL VOA 20 Nov 2002-- A U-S soldier is cleared of negligent homicide in the deaths of two South Korean schoolgirls killed by a mine-clearing vehicle. Activists dismiss the court martial as a charade and pledge protests against the verdict
  • AEF general discusses issues USAFE News 20 Nov 2002-- The Air Force vice chief of staff has extended the charter of the office of the special assistant for air and space expeditionary forces. Gen. Robert H. Foglesong's action will keep the office in existence at least until March 2004.
  • Military Families/Deployment: Part 1-Coping VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- As the talk of war with Iraq intensifies, U-S military forces are awaiting the call to duty. Since last year's terrorist attacks, the Pentagon has accelerated deployments and increased the pace of training. As Russell Lewis reports from San Diego, military families feel a sense of apprehension as the Bush Administration prepares for action
  • Military Families/Deployment: Part 2-Children VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- As the talk of war with Iraq intensifies, U-S military forces are awaiting the call to duty. and military families are trying to prepare for what could be a long time apart. Beth Ford reports from Santa Margarita Elementary School on Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego. where support is needed most, for the youngest in military families

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • NATO SUMMIT VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- NATO opens a two-day summit in Prague that will see invitations to join the alliance issued to seven-countries stretching from the Baltics to the Balkans. But NATO's enlargement is being overshadowed by President Bush's call for the allies to help disarm Saddam Hussein if the Iraqi leader refuses to give up what Washington says are his weapons of mass destruction
  • ESTONIA / NATO / RUSSIA VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- The former Soviet republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are almost assured invitations to join NATO when leaders of the organization meet later this week in Prague. While the government is enthusiastic about joining NATO, there is a variety of opinion among ordinary people
  • ROMANIA NATO PREVIEW VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- Romania is the largest of the seven former communist states expected to be invited to join the NATO alliance this week during a meeting in Prague. Douglas Bakshian reports from Bucharest the country's Prime Minister is enthusiastic for both symbolic and practical reasons
  • ESTONIA / RUSSIA / NATO VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- Estonia is one of seven countries expected to get an invitation to join NATO at the alliance's summit which gets underway Thursday in Prague.
  • Balkan Security VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- Two years after the ouster of strongman Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia is once again at a crossroads. Serbia has a choice between continuing political democratization and free market reform or reverting to the old path of insular nationalism. In the September presidential elections, which were rendered void after turnout fell below the legally required minimum, the current Yugoslav president, Vojislav Kostunica, won two thirds of the vote. The next round of elections takes place on December 8th. This is a closer look at what a Kostunica presidency could mean for Serbia and the region
  • ZIMBABWE / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- A group of Danish doctors released a report Wednesday claiming that Zimbabwe's ruling party, Zanu PF, is using food as a political weapon
  • U-S-ZIMBABWE-INCIDENT VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- There was more angry U-S criticism of Zimbabwe's government Wednesday over an incident last week in which two U-S embassy employees and others were accosted by pro-government activists while trying to assess hunger conditions outside the capital Harare. The State Department is accusing President Robert Mugabe's government of fabricating a story that the embassy employees provoked the incident.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 20 Nov 2002 -- The Palestinian leadership has given a positive response to the news that Amram Mitzna, a dovish former general, has become the new leader of Israel's Labor Party. Mr. Mitzna was chosen on Tuesday as Labor's candidate for prime minister in national elections scheduled for January
  • ROSE GOTTEMOELLER VOA 20 Nov 2002-- Now joining us to talk about the NATO meeting, Rose Gottemoeller, a Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace here in Washington. Thanks so much for joining us.
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 20 Nov 2002-- Bush to outline new NATO mission / Bush to woo allies on Iraq as NATO shifts East / EU sees breakthrough in setting up European reaction force / Iraq says will provide full weapons account / U.S. sees missile defense in five years
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 20 Nov 2002 -- President Bush urges NATO allies to stand together in strong "coalition of the willing" to disarm Saddam Hussein / NATO breaks deadlock over Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia mission

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