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NNS021009-15 Navy Announces Implementation of CWO5 Pay Grade

Release Date: 10/9/2002 4:39:00 PM

From Chief of Naval Personnel, Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The rank of Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CWO5) is now a reality in the Navy, a move that provides the Navy with an opportunity to grow a more technical force to meet the demands of today's more technical Navy.

By law the total number of authorized CWO5 billets may not exceed five percent of the total number of CWO billets. The Navy expects to phase in 84 CWO5 billets over the next five years beginning with the FY04 promotion cycle. No additional billets will be created as a result of this implementation, as the CWO5 positions will be drawn from the current warrant officer billet base.

"Chief warrant officers are the foremost technical experts in the Navy," said Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Gerry Hoewing. "Keeping these highly skilled, talented leaders serving longer helps the Navy increase its talent pool and provides this dedicated community more opportunity to serve."

The implementation aligns Navy CWOs serving in joint duty billets with their service counterparts. Also, CWO5 provides senior leaders the authority commensurate with the responsibilities they have in certain key assignments.

Retaining these highly trained, educated and experienced officers at the very time that they are poised to make valuable contributions to the Navy underscores the need for CWO5.

"The original idea of the CWO Program was to retain us for 30 years," said CWO4 William Bailey, training and operations officer, Naval Construction Training Center, Gulfport, Miss. "Currently, CWO4's have topped out by their 20 or 22 year mark. Promotion to CWO5 is great incentive to stay for 30 years."

The bottom line to adding CWO5 is providing technical experience and leadership at a time when the Navy needs these skills and attributes most. It will enhance combat readiness in the Fleet as well as be a boost to the entire CWO community.

"CWO5s will be used to provide enhanced training, technical expertise and operational experience for sea duty billets," said Cmdr. John Fahling, limited duty and warrant officer community manager for the chief of naval personnel. "Their extraordinary technical leadership and experience will be a great asset to the Fleet."

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