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NNS020917-04 NUWC Keyport Dedicates New Pier

9/17/2002 12:46:00 PM

By Diane Jennings, NUWC Keyport Public Affairs

PUGET SOUND, Wash. (NNS) -- "Our pier is number one" stated Capt. Mary Townsend-Manning, commanding officer of Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Keyport, as she presented the center's new Pier 1 on Aug. 29.

Pier 1 replaces two World War II vintage wooden piers that had outlived their useful life and become expensive to maintain. At a cost of about $5.9 million, the pier results in a cost avoidance of $3 million for utilities, maintenance, dredging, and required upgrades.

The new pier includes steel pilings, which will keep it environmentally sound and provide many decades of service that could no longer be expected from the former piers. After many months of construction, and with the visit of the YTT 10, Discovery Bay, and mooring of other craft at Pier 1, residents in Keyport and Lemolo are again seeing the Navy's craft frequent the waters of Liberty Bay.

"Keyport must continue to build capabilities to meet future Navy requirements," stated NUWC Keyport's Executive Director Dr. James Meng. "This military construction project is the gateway to new projects at Keyport that will revitalize Keyport's mission.

With the National Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) Test and Evaluation Center (NUTEC) being headquartered at Keyport, another military construction project, the Undersea Weapons Dependability Center, will house NUTEC ranging technologies and other related activities.

The Integrated Undersea Vehicles Maintenance Engineering Facility, which will put all associated operations under one roof, will follow.

Congressman Norm Dicks congratulated Engineering Field Activity Northwest, General Construction, Berger-ABAM Engineers, and Keyport in their partnership to bring Pier 1 to successful completion. "Preparing for the future also requires that we as a nation continue to invest in our defense facilities," he added.

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