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15 August 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
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Current Operations

  • More Aid Needed to Help Afghan Government Transition AFPS 15 Aug 2002-- Security is not the most serious concern inside Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today. Rather, supporting the new civilian government is now the international community's most pressing priority.

Other Conflicts

    • RWANDA / GENOCIDE VOA 15 Aug 2002-- One of the top suspects in Rwanda's 1994 genocide, General Augustin Bizimungu, was transferred to the International Criminal Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania earlier today (Thursday).
    • U.S. Welcomes Peace Talks Between Sri Lanka Government and Rebels Washington File 15 Aug 2002-- The United States welcomes the announcement that the Sri Lankan government and rebel Tamil Tigers will hold peace talks in Thailand in mid-September, Deputy State Department Spokesman Philip Reeker told reporters August 15.
    • EGYPT / SUDAN VOA 15 Aug 2002-- While Sudanese peace negotiations are underway in Kenya several African and Arab countries are expressing deep concern over the possible secession of southern Sudan from the north
    • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 15 Aug 2002-- Israeli troops killed a senior Hamas militant and a young neighbor during a security operation late Wednesday in the West Bank generating criticism and vows of reprisals. Also Wednesday, senior Israeli and Palestinian officials met in Jerusalem to discuss frozen tax revenues and security issues hours after an Israeli court indicted a popular Palestinian legislator and activist on charges of murder

    Defense Policy / Programs

    • MOBI is Revolutionizing Ship Safety Navy News Stand 15 Aug 2002-- During its deployment, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) will be part of the evaluation process that will change the way the Navy handles man overboard situations.
    • Defense Department Briefing Transcript Washington File 15 Aug 2002-- Rumsfeld: We keep reading today that the situation in Afghanistan is difficult and that the security situation is supposedly deteriorating. Most of the comments, I suspect, are coming from people who are well- intentioned but may not be current with what's taking place on the ground, or may be looking at one particular portion of the country.
    • Rumsfeld Says Military Transformation Needed Now to Meet New Threats Washington File 15 Aug 2002-- The United States must transform its armed forces in order to win the present war against terrorism and, at the same time, prepare for future wars notably different from those of the past century, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the President and Congress in his annual report.
    • Fast Ships in Harm's Way: 100 Years of 'Tin Cans' (Part 2 of a 3 part series) Navy News Stand 15 Aug 2002-- World War II and beyond The next world war resulted in the loss of many more destroyers, 71 according to the 1996 book "Blood on the Sea" by Robert Parkin. But the Navy lost more then just ships, as Tin Can crew members made up a good portion of the 37,000 American Sailors who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II.
    • Fast Ships in Harm's Way: 100 Years of 'Tin Cans' (Part 1 of a 3 part series) Navy News Stand 15 Aug 2002-- The history of the destroyer is the story of rugged Sailors and their gallant ships in foaming seas making haste to go in harm's way. But the story isn't just about these "Greyhounds of the Sea," it's also about the "Tin Can" Sailors who have manned destroyers for a hundred years.
    • NSWC Indian Head Developing Shoulder-Mounted Thermobaric Weapons for Marine Corps Navy News Stand 15 Aug 2002-- Scientists and engineers at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Indian Head were instrumental in the development of thermobaric weapons used in Afghanistan earlier this year during Operation Enduring Freedom. These warheads, integrated into a laser-guided missile launched from an F-15, proved to be effective in air strikes against al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    Defense Industry

    News Reports

    • INDONESIA / LASKAR JIHAD TRIAL VOA 15 Aug 2002-- One of Indonesia's best known Islamic militants went on trial Thursday. The head of the Laskar Jihad group has been charged with inciting violence in Indonesia's eastern Maluku province, where thousands have died in fighting between Muslims and Christians
    • INDONESIA -U-S / MILITARY VOA 15 Aug 2002-- The United States is moving toward restoring full military relations with Indonesia after a three year hiatus. Washington has also decided to give Indonesia more than 50 million dollars in aid to improve its security forces. Analysts say these steps may give a renewed sense of legitimacy to the Indonesian army, whose image has suffered because of the army's alleged involvement in atrocities in East Timor
    • Bush Says U.S. Making Progress in War on Terror Washington File 15 Aug 2002-- The United States is making good progress in its fight to rid the world of terrorists and will continue the effort as long as needed, President Bush said August 15 in a speech at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.
    • State Department Introduces Terrorist Interdiction Program Washington File 15 Aug 2002-- Following is a fact sheet from the Department of State's Office of Counterterrorism about a new Terrorist Interdiction Program (TIP) designed to impede terrorists' capabilities to move freely by assisting countries in securing their borders and improving their capability to interdict and prevent the transit of terrorist suspects.

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