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14 August 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
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News Reports

Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN / ARMY VOA 14 Aug 2002-- The second battalion of Afghanistan's new national army graduated Wednesday at a ceremony led by Defense Minister Mohammad Qasim Fahim. Mr. Fahim used the occasion to appeal to Afghan militiamen to turn over their weapons to the central government
  • Two U.S. Choppers Crash in Afghanistan, Crews Safe AFPS 14 Aug 2002-- Eight U.S. service members received minor injuries in helicopter crashes today and Aug. 13, military officials reported.

Other Conflicts

  • SPAIN / ETA VOA 14 Aug 2002-- The Basque separatist group ETA has claimed responsibility for a bomb explosion last week in Spain that killed two people, including a six-year-old girl
  • AZERBAIJAN / ARMENIA VOA 14 Aug 2002-- The leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia are meeting to discuss the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 14 Aug 2002-- A popular leader of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, Marwan Barghouti, has appeared briefly in a Tel Aviv court to face charges of murder and of orchestrating violence against Israelis
  • INDONESIA TIMOR TRIAL VOA 14 Aug 2002-- An Indonesian human rights court has handed down its first guilty verdict, convicting the former governor of East Timor of not preventing a bloody rampage through the territory in 1999
  • RUSSIA / KIDNAPPING VOA 14 Aug 2002-- The international medical aid group Doctors Without Borders says it is suspending its humanitarian work in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Demystifying 'Transformation' AFPS 14 Aug 2002-- When Thomas Edison's electric light replaced oil and gaslights, that was transformation. When Henry Ford's Model T replaced the horse and buggy as the common mode of transportation, that was transformation. When computers replaced typewriters and began talking to each other, that was transformation.
  • IBU-27 Serves and Protects Our Ships Navy News Stand 14 Aug 2002-- There is a new addition to the Rota community, and it's called Inshore Boat Unit 27 (IBU-27).
  • U.S. Northern Command Setup Becomes Clearer AFPS 14 Aug 2002-- When U.S. Northern Command stands up Oct. 1, the new organization in charge of homeland defense will have "combatant command" of a small number of specialized units.
  • Strykers redeploy on new high-speed vessel Army News Service 14 Aug 2002-- The Army's future force met what some believe is the future of Army transportation when elements of a Stryker Brigade Combat Team were transported up the west coast this week on a new high-speed vessel.
  • Detachment activated to support V-22 testing AFPN 14 Aug 2002-- A new detachment was activated here recently to support V-22 Osprey testing.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • E-U / U-S / COURT VOA 14 Aug 2002-- The European Union is defending its policy of trying to block prospective E-U members from agreeing to exempt U-S troops from prosecution by the new International Criminal Court
  • INDONESIA AND THE WAR ON TERRORISM VOA 14 Aug 2002-- The United States is strengthening its ties with Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation. Over the next two years, the U-S will give more than fifty million dollars to help Indonesia's security forces fight the war on terrorism. Three years ago, the United States restricted all military aid to Indonesia, after that nation's armed forces were implicated in human rights abuses in East Timor. But U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell said Now that "Indonesia has made a dramatic return to the process of democratization," the time is right for closer ties with the U-S. "If we are really going to prevail over [terrorism]," said Mr. Powell, "we have to do it in a way that respects human dignity and the rights of men and women."
  • U.S. Continues to Seek Article 98 Agreements on ICC Washington File 14 Aug 2002-- The United States will continue to seek bilateral agreements under the auspices of Article 98 of the Rome Treaty that created the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the aim of preventing U.S. nationals from "falling into the potentially highly politicized jurisdiction of that court," Deputy State Department Spokesman Philip Reeker said August 13.
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 14 Aug 2002-- Rumsfeld says Iran still allowing al-Qaida to use its territory
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 14 Aug 2002-- Report: SFOR engages ground troops, helicopters to get info on Karadzic

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