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30 May 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • U.S. Begins Counterterrorism Training in Georgia Washington File 30 May 2002-- Waltemeyer: The bottom line is, they're being trained in standard combined-arms operations that they would conduct in the type of terrain we find here. That's predominantly plateau and some low mountains. And we'll be able to operate to conduct light infantry operations as they would in a counterinsurgency environment -- specifically Pankisi. We are not going to the Pankisi, have no plans to go to Pankisi. However, if you look at previous press releases, it will say "Pankisi-like conditions," and that implies, obviously, a light-infantry-based requirement.
  • U-S/PHILIPPINES VOA 30 May 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he has made no decision yet to allow U-S military advisors to take a more active role in anti-terrorist operations in the southern Philippines
  • U-S/GEORGIA VOA 30 May 2002-- U-S military officials have provided details of the planned 21-month-long train-and-equip program for Georgia -- one of the Bush administration's promised international counter-terrorist training efforts
  • American Troops Training, Equipping Georgian Military AFPS 30 May 2002-- Improving the Georgian military will ultimately aid the American war on global terrorism, the Georgia Train and Equip Program commander said today in a telephone interview.

Other Conflicts

  • COLOMBIA/PARAMILITARY VOA 30 May 2002-- In Colombia, the leader of the South American nation's main rightwing paramilitary group is expressing support for President-elect Alvaro Uribe's proposal to negotiate peace with leftist rebels
  • U-S / SUDAN VOA 30 May 2002-- The United States is upgrading its diplomatic representation in Sudan, reflecting the growing role by the Bush administration in seeking a settlement of Sudan's long-running civil war. The new U-S charge d'affaires for Sudan, Jeffrey Millington, will divide his time between Khartoum and Nairobi, which is a base for African mediation efforts for Sudan
  • EGYPT / BURNS VOA 30 May 2002-- U-S Envoy William Burns and E-U foreign policy chief Javier Solana are on what they call "exploratory missions" in the Mideast in an effort to re-launch peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 30 May 2002-- Israeli troops are staging brief raids into Palestinian-ruled areas of the West Bank

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Rumsfeld, Pace Pentagon Briefing Transcript Washington File 30 May 2002-- Pace: Regardless, we take very seriously the fact that that our opponents do have surface-to-air missiles, shoulder-fired surface-to-air-missiles. And we take precautions on the ground and in the air any time we have our aircraft arriving or departing.
  • Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz at the Foreign Press Center 30 May 2002-- Wolfowitz: But I think it's also important for our Asian friends to understand that this war on -- these terrorist attacks are not just attacks on the United States. They're attacks on all of us. They operate in some 60 countries -- al Qaeda alone operates in some 60 countries around the world, including a number in East Asia; that they've made no secret of their desire to attack any targets that they consider Western, modern, democratic; and that this is a threat, I think, to all of us.
  • DoD Asks Congress for $30.8 Billion in Fiscal '03 to Fund Guard and Reserve AFPS 30 May 2002-- The reserve components' fiscal 2003 budget request for $30.8 billion for personnel, operations, equipment procurement and facilities is 12 percent more than last year's funding, according to Jennifer Buck, the reserve components' top resource manager.

Defense Industry

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