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09 May 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • HEKMATYAR/ATTACK VOA 09 May 2002-- A U-S official says the C-I-A tried but failed to kill a well-known Afghan warlord earlier this week, who is accused of plotting attacks against the Afghan interim government and American troops in Afghanistan

Other Conflicts

  • MIDDLE EAST BOMBING VOA 09 May 2002-- The latest Palestinian suicide bombing that resulted in the death of at least 16 people, the injury of dozens more and the shortening of Prime Minister Sharon's trip to Washington, is widely commented on in the foreign press
  • BUSH/MIDEAST VOA 09 May 2002-- President Bush says he is encouraged by the Palestinian arrests of 16 Hamas members in response to Tuesday's bomb attack near Tel Aviv
  • LEBANON BOMB VOA 09 May 2002-- A bomb has ripped through two American fast-food restaurants in Lebanon's northern port city of Tripoli. Police are trying to determine if the motive was part of a campaign to boycott American products throughout the Middle East
  • ARAB FOREIGN MINISTERS VOA 09 May 2002-- Arab League foreign ministers are meeting in Cairo to discuss a Saudi peace initiative
  • RUSSIA / EXPLOSION VOA 09 May 2002-- An explosion in a small Russian town has killed at least 25 people and injured almost 100 during a celebration marking the end of World War Two
  • Palestinian Reform Essential Washington File 09 May 2002-- Bush calls for Palestinian Authority backed by "true government"
  • Chechnya Conflict Threatens Region Washington File 09 May 2002-- The continuing conflict in Chechnya "not only constitutes a drain on Russian development and a living nightmare for innocent Chechens, but it poses a threat to the entire Caucasus region," Ambassador Steven Pifer told a hearing of the Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) May 9 in Washington.
  • Bush on Arafat Washington File 09 May 2002-- President denies endorsing replacement of Palestinian leader

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Wolfowitz on CNN Moneyline 09 May 2002-- Wolfowitz: Oh, I'm quite sure at the end of the day it will stand. But it's also important to emphasize this is not just a decision about terminating Crusader. Importantly, it's a decision to take that money and invest it in systems that are truly transformational. Crusader represented an improvement over our current artillery. But what we really want to invest in are those systems that the Army needs to have a truly transformational capability in artillery, things that will give it the kind of precision that we saw was so decisive in Afghanistan in air power, things that will give our artillery the ability to deploy on distant, remote battlefields more effectively.
  • PENTAGON FORCE PROTECTION AGENCY 09 May 2002-- The Department of Defense announced today the establishment of a new defense agency, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, to provide an improved force protection structure and response capability at the Pentagon and in the national capital region.
  • USAREUR to test `ready force' in Hungary Army News Service 09 May 2002-- More than 2,500 soldiers and airmen from the United States, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia will participate in "Hungarian Response 2002," a multinational power-projection exercise in Hungary, May 13-22.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • PAK /BOMBING VOA 09 May 2002-- Authorities in Pakistan have detained more than a hundred suspected members of outlawed Islamic groups in connection with Wednesday's bomb attack. Fifteen people, including 11 French citizens died in the bombing outside a luxury hotel in southern city of Karachi
  • BRITAIN/SECURITY VOA 09 May 2002-- A British think tank says the United States will find that nation-building and economic assistance are just as important as military power in winning the war against terrorism
  • "Dirty Bomb" Materials Washington File 09 May 2002-- The United States and Russia have agreed to work together to improve the security of radiological materials that could be used to make so-called "dirty bombs," U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said at a press conference with Russian Minister of Atomic Energy Alexander Rumyantsev May 9 in Washington.

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