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07 May 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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News Reports

Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN REFUGEES / IRAN VOA 07 May 2002-- Officials in Afghanistan say with peace and stability restored in much of the country, many of Afghanistan's nearly four million refugees are returning home. Refugee officials say nearly one-half million Afghan refugees have returned in the past two months. Most of them are coming from Pakistan. But, in the past three weeks, 30 thousand refugees in Iran have also returned and their numbers are increasing
  • U-N AID / AFGHANISTAN VOA 07 May 2002-- United Nations relief agencies say they are cutting back aid to Afghanistan because of a lack of money
  • Rumsfeld, Georgia Defense Minister Talk Counterterrorism Washington File 07 May 2002-- RUMSFELD: I think that the way to -- my recollection is that where we are, we are engaged in a 30-day process where we are going to be looking at alternative ways to use the funds from the Crusader to determine precisely how it would be best to accelerate some precision munitions and to see that we have the kind of capabilities between -- that are appropriate and necessary between now and the availability of the capabilities that are designed for the objective force.

Other Conflicts

  • SHARON / BOMBING REACT VOA 07 May 2002-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has cut short his visit to Washington and is flying back to Israel, following the latest suicide bombing in his country. Before leaving the U-S capital, he denounced the terrorist attack, which killed at least ten people
  • BUSH-MIDEAST VOA 07 May 2002-- President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have failed to agree on whether Mideast peace talks should lead to the creation of a Palestinian state
  • UNGA/JENIN DEBATE VOA 07 May 2002-- The United Nations General Assembly, without the support of Washington, is poised to condemn (has condemned) Israel for rejecting a U-N probe into the Israeli assault on the Jenin refugee camp. The assembly held an emergency meeting Tuesday at the request of Arab diplomats, after a politically deadlocked security council failed to censure the Jewish state last week
  • U-N / CONGO VOA 07 May 2002-- A team sent by the U-N Security Council has concluded an eight-nation tour of Africa aimed at bolstering support for an end to fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The team, as one of its proposals, is calling for the creation of a corridor inside Congo in which neighboring nations could deploy troops
  • Bush to Send CIA Director Back to Middle East Washington File 07 May 2002-- Bush said he hoped that the Palestinian leadership understands that reforming the Palestinian Authority into a more transparent organization is in their interests as well the interests of the Palestinian people.
  • U.S. Says Palestinian Authority Needs to Reform As It Reconstructs Washington File 07 May 2002-- "[W]e think we need to achieve progress on security issues, on economic and humanitarian assistance side of the equation, so that Palestinians, in particular, can have -- return to more normal lives. And it would achieve progress on the political side, as well, so that people can have hope and see a chance of resolution in their future," said Boucher.
  • Transcript: White House Briefing on Bush-Sharon Talks Washington File 07 May 2002-- SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: The President is committed to peace and, obviously, there are a number of people in the Middle East who want to do everything that they can to destroy peace. Clearly, the people who committed this act, the people who sponsored them, those who helped them, are people who are not committed to peace.
  • U.S. Says Draft UN Resolution Would Not Help Mideast Peace Washington File 07 May 2002-- Progress toward peace in the Middle East would not be advanced by one-sided, condemnatory General Assembly resolutions, but through security, serious negotiations, and economic and humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people, US Ambassador John Negroponte said May 7.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 07 May 2002-- Palestinian sources say an agreement has been reached to end the Israeli military siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • Newest Advanced Integrated Avionics Software Package Flown for First Time Aboard the F-22 Raptor Air Dominance Fighter Lockheed Martin 07 May 2002 -- The Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, a business area of Lockheed Martin Corporation [NYSE: LMT]-led F-22 Raptor industry team marked a milestone last week, as the newest version of the program's advanced integrated avionics software package - Block 3.1 - was successfully flown for the first time at the Air Force's Combined Test Facility at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
  • U.S. Army Golden Knights Jump Team Flies C-27J Spartan Lockheed Martin 07 May 2002 -- Three pilots from the U.S. Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, recently participated in a flight evaluation of the C-27J Spartan at Alenia Aeronautica's flight-test facilities in Caselle, Italy. Representatives from venture partners Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. and Alenia Aeronautica hosted the pilots.

News Reports

  • Rumsfeld: Anti-Terror War Provides New Dimension of Threat AFPS 07 May 2002-- Unlike the Cold War which chiefly presented exterior threats to America, today's war against global terrorism provides an interior threat, as well, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here today.
  • SE ASIA/TERROR VOA 07 May 2002-- Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia have signed an accord to combat regional terrorism
  • BUSH/IRAQ VOA 07 May 2002-- The five permanent members of the U-N Security Council have agreed to revise sanctions against Iraq
  • U-S-AFGHAN ENVOY VOA 07 May 2002-- The Bush administration's new coordinator for Afghan affairs says the unexpectedly-large flow of returning refugees into Afghanistan is a vote of confidence for the country's future. The U-S envoy, David Johnson was named last week to replace retiring diplomatic trouble-shooter James Dobbins in the key post.

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