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02 May 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • JOEL ROCAMORA-PHILIPPINE VOA 02 May 2002-- The death toll from Wednesday's grenade attack in the southern Philippines has now risen to seven, with at least 124 people injured. Officials say they have detained four men for questioning in connection with the attack on a religious festival near the city of Cotabato. Authorities originally said they suspected Muslim guerrillas might have been behind the attack
  • AFGHANISTAN / TROOPS VOA 02 May 2002-- British-led coalition forces have launched a new offensive in southeastern Afghanistan aimed at seeking out Taliban and al-Qaida bases
  • PHILIPPINES ABU SAYYAF VOA 02 May 2002-- The Philippine government refuses to negotiate with Muslim rebels who are threatening to kill their American hostages. Officials continue to call for the unconditional release of the hostages, who have been held for nearly year

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 02 May 2002-- A triumphant Yasser Arafat has emerged from his West Bank headquarters hours after Israeli troops withdrew from the Palestinian leader's compound, releasing him from months of confinement
  • Jenin/U-N Deadlock VOA 02 May 2002-- The U-N Security Council is gridlocked over how to respond to Israel's rejection of a U-N fact-finding mission to the Jenin refugee camp. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has announced his intention to abort the mission after failing to persuade the Israelis to grant access to the West Bank town
  • BUSH/MIDEAST VOA 02 May 2002-- President Bush says he sees progress in the Middle East, but stresses all parties must do more
  • EGYPT / JENIN REACT VOA 02 May 2002-- Officials in Egypt have expressed satisfaction that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is no longer being confined by Israeli troops. But they are upset with the decision by U-N Secretary General Kofi Annan to drop plans to send a fact-finding mission to investigate the situation at the Palestinian refugee camp at Jenin on the West Bank.
  • Security Council Undecided on Response to Cancellation of Jenin Mission Washington File 02 May 2002-- Vote on resolution aborted
  • Rice Says Saudi Proposal Important to Peace Process Washington File 02 May 2002-- National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice praised the Middle East peace proposal put forward by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, although she noted that, "every element of it may not be workable. Some of it would have to be negotiated in terms of borders and the like."

Defense Policy / Programs

  • BATTLEFIELD ROBOTS VOA 02 May 2002-- The war in Afghanistan has made the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle or U-A-V a virtual household name. Its eye in the sky sensors have spotted build-ups of al-Qaida and Taleban forces, allowing U-S troops and manned planes to conduct precision counter-strikes. Some Predators have even been equipped with Hellfire missiles, capable of carrying out their own attacks
  • PENTAGON/CRUSADER VOA 02 May 2002-- Pentagon in-fighting over the fate of a multi-billion dollar new weapons system has burst into the open, raising questions about the future of one of the top officials at the Defense Department
  • PENTAGON/INDONESIA VOA 02 May 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he hopes the United States can soon resume military relations with Indonesia.
  • Military-to-Military Ties Strengthen America's Security AFPS 02 May 2002-- Making and keeping military-to- military ties with foreign nations is important to U.S. national security, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said at the Pentagon today.
  • Under Secretary of Defense Aldridge Roundtable 02 May 2002-- ALDRIDGE: I think the Air Force view is exactly the view that they have. The issue we have here is, are we buying the right number of aircraft? Given now the Joint Strike Fighter is underway, given the fact that we've got, you know, the F-18, been looking at the Navy's mix, to me everything is on the table to take a look at the balance, how many we're going to buy. Maybe we're not buying enough. We've asked -- in the study, we're looking at alternatives to include increases in the F-22 if that's the right -- (audio break).
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Media Availability with Malaysian Defense Minister 02 May 2002-- Rumsfeld: I was advised by Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz and Undersecretary Aldridge sometime yesterday that that is where the -- that with respect to Crusader, a decision was made and a meeting was held where they advised the secretary of the Army that they wanted a study within 30 days that would look at a specific alternative that would assume that Crusader was cancelled, and it would address a variety of ways to accelerate some capabilities that would be able to strengthen the United States Army and those capabilities.

Defense Industry

  • USAF awards BAE SYSTEMS $53 million for compass call upgrades BAE Systems 02 May 2002 -- BAE Systems will provide equipment upgrades for U.S. Air Force EC-130H "Compass Call" aircraft under a $53 million contract awarded on March 13, 2002.
  • EADS strengthens defence business EADS 02 May 2002 -- EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is strengthening its defence business by expanding its manufacturing capabilities. As the company announced on Thursday, EADS and Siemens N.V. (Belgium) signed a contract covering the take over of Siemens‘ Oostkamp plant near Brugge/Belgium by EADS.
  • General Dynamics to Purchase Advanced Technical Products, Inc. for $250 Million General Dynamics 02 May 2002 -- General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) and Advanced Technical Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATPX) today entered into a definitive agreement for General Dynamics to acquire all 5.89 million outstanding shares of Advanced Technical Products (ATP) for a cash purchase price of $33.50 per share.

News Reports

  • Bush Says U.S., EU to Fight Terror, Promote Peace Together Washington File 02 May 2002-- "We want to work with the Palestinian people, our regional partners in the international community, to build a Palestinian state that both lives at peace with Israel and lives up to the best hopes of its people," Bush said.
  • NATO Concluding AWACS Support for U.S. Homeland Security Washington File 02 May 2002-- On the basis of material upgrades to the US air defence posture and enhanced cooperation between civil and military authorities, and following a recent US evaluation of homeland security requirements, the North Atlantic Council today agreed to terminate Operation Eagle Assist effective 16 May 2002.

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