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16 April 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Defense Department Briefing Transcript Washington File 16 Apr. 2002-- Rosa: We continue our efforts to find and destroy elements of al Qaeda and former Taliban in Eastern Afghanistan. Late yesterday a contingent of the British forces, that deployed to the region over the past few weeks, began a mission as part of a broader effort that you've known as Operation Mountain Lion. As we've described before, Mountain Lion consists of efforts to identify, isolate and destroy al Qaeda and Taliban in Eastern Afghanistan and deny them sanctuary and the freedom to maneuver or regroup.
  • AFGHAN U-S TROOPS VOA 16 Apr. 2002-- The United States and Britain have begun a new operation to search for remnants of the al-Qaida and Taleban networks in Afghanistan
  • AFGHANISTAN / BRITISH TROOPS VOA 16 Apr. 2002-- Elite British troops in Afghanistan have begun their first major combat mission since the Falklands War two-decades ago
  • British Troops Assist in 'Mountain Lion' Operations AFPS 16 Apr. 2002-- A detachment of 1,700 British marines are assisting U.S. and other coalition troops in the continuing search for al Qaeda forces in eastern Afghanistan, senior DoD officials said today
  • Transcript: DoD News Briefing - ASD PA Clarke and Brig. Gen. Rosa 16 Apr. 2002 -- "in Mountain Lion, I don't want to give you those types of details, because other folks besides us listen to these press conferences. But suffice it say we are seeing some things that give us some signs that we're locating enemy. We're doing the kinds of things that we've been said -- we've been doing over the past couple of weeks -- gathering information"

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • BAE SYSTEMS deploys web technology for soldier modernisation suppliers BAE Systems 16 Apr 2002 -- BAE Systems has extended its partnering approach to international soldier modernisation programmes through a new supply chain initiative which the company firmly believes will add value to the UK Ministry of Defence's Future Integrated Soldier Modernisation (FIST) project.
  • BAE SYSTEMS and Northrop Grumman win phase ii contract for UK airborne surveillance concept study BAE Systems 16 Apr 2002 -- BAE Systems has been awarded a Phase II follow-on concept study by the United Kingdom Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) for the emerging Maritime Airborne Surveillance and Control (MASC) programme, formerly known as Future Organic Airborne Early Warning (FOAEW). BAE Systems continues its teaming relationship with the Northrop Grumman Corporation's Integrated Systems sector for this Phase II study.
  • Major flight test milestones for Eurofighter BAE Systems 16 Apr 2002 -- The first British series production Eurofighter, IPA1 (Instrumented Production Aircraft), made a successful maiden flight last evening from BAE Systems Warton facility in Lancashire, U.K.
  • Northrop Grumman Awarded "Falcon 2020" Multi-Year F-16 Radar Support Contract Northrop Grumman 16 Apr 2002 -- F-16 fighter fleets worldwide will maintain air superiority and strike capability through at least 2020 because of a contract Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has received from the Ogden Air Logistics Center, Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

News Reports

  • U.S. Warns of Nations Seeking Weapons of Mass Destruction Washington File 16 Apr. 2002-- Wolf: Now President Bush has spoken and spoke in the State of the Union address about the "axis of evil," and I know that there's been an intense effort -- there was an intense effort for weeks afterwards to try to parse those phrases, dissect the terms. It talked about a phenomenon. The phenomenon is real. There is an intense sort of cooperation that goes on among countries that are trying to acquire such weapons. North Korea is prepared to sell missiles to any country that has money to buy. Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction and missiles with help from North Korea, from Russia, from China. Iraq is clandestinely diverting or smuggling in components that are helping it to reconstitute its weapons capabilities and its missile capabilities, all of which would be in defiance of [U.N. Security Council] Resolution 687, passed 11 years ago, and successor resolutions of the United Nations.
  • U.S. Largest Humanitarian Contributor to Afghanistan Washington File 16 Apr. 2002-- The United States has provided the majority of assistance to Afghanistan as of April 2002. Areas of U.S. assistance include meeting humanitarian needs; reviving education; and improving the health and welfare of Afghans.
  • GERMANY / TERRORISM VOA 16 Apr. 2002-- Five alleged terrorists go on trial in Frankfurt Germany, today, charged with forming a terrorist cell and plotting to bomb the Christmas Market around Strasbourg Cathedral in neighboring France
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 16 Apr. 2002-- Taliban leader breaks silence
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 16 Apr. 2002-- US and UK troops could face al Qaeda through summer
  • U-S FOREIGN POLICY VOA 16 Apr. 2002-- Leading U-S senators and political scientists say U-S foreign policy has become more assertive since the attacks of September 11th. However, they warn the cost of failure in places like the Middle East, South Asia or the Balkans is now greater. Their comments came at an event organized by the Council on Foreign Relations.

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