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08 April 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
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News Reports

Current Operations

  • RUMSFELD / AFGHAN WAR VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Six months into the war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is acknowledging the military operation to rout out terrorism has not met all of its goals, including the capture of Osama bin Laden.
  • AFGHANISTAN/BOMB ATTACK VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Four people were killed and more than a dozen injured Monday when a bomb exploded near a car carrying the interim government's defense minister
  • AFGHANISTAN / POPPY ERADICATION VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Monday marks the start of the Afghan interim government's ambitious campaign to wipe out opium poppy farming throughout the country.
  • DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers 08 Apr. 2002 -- "This is a global war on terrorism that, as we've said many times -- and we are assisting nations that want help in this effort. We have military forces in the Philippines, assisting and training their military, and we have announced our intentions to send military forces to Yemen to assist with the training of their counterterrorist forces, as well. We are also intercepting ships at sea, looking for people and materiel, intelligence and equipment that support terrorists in these efforts. Our men and women in uniform, I think you'll agree, are performing superbly, risking their safety to protect ours"

Other Conflicts

  • BUSH MIDEAST VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- President Bush says Middle East peace will require leadership on both sides.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION/PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- The United Nations has announced that Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez and South African African National Congress leader Cyril Ramaphosa have agreed to join a U-N fact-finding mission into Israeli-Palestinian violence
  • ISRAEL/PALESTINIANS-ALTERNATE VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Fierce fighting continues in the northern West Bank cities of Jenin and Nablus, where Palestinian militants are battling Israeli troops. Israeli helicopter gunships attacked the refugee camp in Jenin, after Palestinian fighters there refused to surrender
  • N.IRELAND-IRA WEAPONS VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- The Irish Republican Army has taken more of its weapons out of commission
  • CONGO-FIGHTING VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Hundreds of people continue to flee the Republic of Congo's western Pool region, where fighting has been raging in recent days between the army and opposition militia gunmen known as Ninjas

Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • Boeing Successfully Completes Third Flight Demonstration of EA-18 Airborne Electronic Attack Variant Boeing 08 Apr 2002 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] has completed the third successful flight demonstration of its EA-18 Airborne Electronic Attack concept aircraft. The test, conducted April 5, used an F/A-18F Super Hornet to carry three ALQ-99 jamming pods and two fuel tanks while measuring noise and vibration data and assessing aircraft flying qualities. Boeing teammate, Northrop Grumman, instrumented the ALQ-99 jamming pods to gather the noise and vibration information.
  • Successful Maiden-Flight of first German Series Production Eurofighter EADS 08 Apr 2002 -- The first German series production Eurofighter (IPA 3 Instrumented Production Aircraft) took off for a successful Maiden Flight today at European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) Military Aircraft's Manching plant and touched the ground again safely 31 minutes later.
  • Navy Awards General Dynamics $52.5 Million for Virginia-class Work General Dynamics 08 Apr 2002 -- The U. S. Navy has awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), a $52.5 million modification to an existing contract for Virginia-class submarine lead-yard services.

News Reports

  • BUSH-TERRORISM VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- President Bush focused Monday on the domestic response to terrorism. He urged Americans to volunteer to help local police, firefighters and emergency medical services. And he called on Congress to pass legislation to help businesses get insurance policies to cover losses from possible terrorist attacks
  • IRAQ/OIL VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Iraqi President Saddam Hussein announced Monday that he was halting oil exports to protest Israel's military offensive in the Palestinian territories. Iraq has been exporting about two-million barrels of oil a day, or about four percent of the world's supplies
  • IRAQ OIL/REACT VOA 08 Apr. 2002-- Analysts believe over the long term, Baghdad's decision is not expected to cause any major market disruptions

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