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12 March 2002

Six-month Overview of the War on Terrorism

(Summary of U.S. and Coalition Actions) (350)
The Department of State released the following fact sheet March 11, of
the diplomatic, legal, financial and humanitarian actions taken in the
war on global terrorism.
(begin fact sheet)
Summary of US and Coalition Actions Since September 11th, 2001
Legislation and Diplomatic Actions: The US has received 46
multilateral declarations of support. The UN General Assembly and
Security Council condemned the attacks on September 12. NATO invoked
Article V of the NATO Charter, first time in its history. OAS invoked
RIO Treaty. ANZUS allies invoked their treaty obligations to support
the United States. 17 nations have deployed to the US Central
Command's area of responsibility with over 16,500 troops. 136
countries have offered some kind of military assistance.
Financial Actions: 142 countries have issued orders freezing the
assets of suspected terrorists and terrorist organizations; 190
countries have expressed willingness to do so. The US government is
taking action to freeze terrorist bank accounts and disrupt
fundraising and recruitment. The US has now designated 189
individuals, organizations and financial supporters of terrorism
pursuant to Executive Order 13224. $104.8 million has been blocked
($34.2 million in US, $70.5 million overseas).
Law Enforcement Actions: Nearly 1000 al Qaeda operatives have been
arrested in more than 60 countries since September 11.
Assistance to Afghanistan: The international community, including the
US, has pledged $1.8 billion in aid this fiscal year, and $4.5 billion
in aid over the next five years. The US pledged nearly $300 million in
this fiscal year alone for Afghan relief and reconstruction. As of
March 1, World Food Program had delivered 333,000 metric tons of food
into Afghanistan since October 2001. The US has provided ten medical
supply shipments provided enough medical supplies and medicine to
support 100,000 people for three months. Emergency relief supplies
delivered into Afghanistan include more than 75,000 blankets, 10,000
cooking sets, mattresses, clothes, stoves, firewood, lanterns, water
containers. So far, nearly $4.4 million dollars has gone to provide
food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and school supplies through
America's Fund for Afghan Children (American children donating $1
(end fact sheet)

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