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27 March 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Rumsfeld Discusses Five Coalition Tasks in Afghanistan Washington File 27 Mar. 2002-- Rumsfeld: "Therefore, one has to recognize that when you start with that as your base and then you drive al-Qaida and Taliban out of power and they go into neighboring countries and wait, or they then go into the mountains or into the villages and wait, you have to expect there's going to be potentially some very difficult times ahead
  • U-N / AFGHAN HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- A U-N official says money is needed to provide security in Afghanistan. U-N special investigator Kamal Hossain says the money will be used to expand the International Security Assistance Force and to develop an Afghan national police force

Other Conflicts

  • Powell Says "We Must Find a Solution" in Mideast Washington File 27 Mar. 2002-- POWELL: Well, you have to believe that there is a solution to this terrible situation. We can't keep going with bombs going off, as we have seen again on this holiday eve, killing innocent people. We must find a solution. There is some heartening news coming out of the Arab summit. Crown Prince Abdullah put down a positive statement that the Arab nations should try to seek normal relations with Israel. So this is an important statement from a very important Arab leader, and we'll build on that, and we'll build on the work that General Zinni is conducting on behalf of the United States, on behalf of the parties, to get them into the Tenet work plan.
  • U-S/MIDEAST VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- The Bush Administration is acknowledging Wednesday's deadly suicide bombing in Israel as well as Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat's decision not to attend an Arab League summit have dealt a setback to U-S efforts to bring peace to the Middle East
  • BUSH MIDEAST VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- President Bush condemns Wednesday's suicide bomb attack in Israel that killed at least 15 people and left more than 90 injured
  • Dateline: Military Tribunals VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- It has been more than four months since President Bush issued his controversial executive order establishing military tribunals to try non-Americans suspected of terrorist crimes. The Defense Department released detailed rules last week implementing the President's order
  • ARAB SUMMIT VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- The first day of the Arab League summit in Beirut has been marred by the absence of key leaders and a walkout by Palestinian delegates
  • U-N / ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- A U-N special investigator is calling for international peacekeepers to be sent to the Palestinian territories to reduce the level of violence. In a report to the U-N Human Rights Commission, the investigator blames both the Israelis and Palestinians for the escalating violence
  • Hassan Khoury VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- As the Arab Summit got underway in Beirut, Wednesday, there was some optimism about advancing a Saudi Arabian peace proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The two day summit was expected to endorse the peace plan that calls for normalizing relations between Arab nations and Israel in exchange for Israeli withdrawal from all land occupied since the 1967 war. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Jordan's King Abdullah and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat are not present for the talks.
  • JORDAN / ARAB SUMMIT VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- Jordan's King Abdullah is among the Arab leaders not attending the Arab League summit meeting in Beirut
  • LANKAN PEACE TALKS VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- The Sri Lankan Government has announced face-to-face peace talks with the Tamil Tiger rebels, aimed at ending a civil war that erupted nearly two decades ago

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News Reports

  • VIETNAM/RUSSIA VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- Russia plans to complete its withdrawal from the strategic Cam Ranh Bay naval base in Vietnam by July 1st.
  • RUSSIA TERRORISM FORUM VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- Delegates from Russia, Europe and Central Asia have gathered in Saint Petersburg, Russia, for an international forum on combating terrorism
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 27 Mar. 2002-- France, US turn down foreign troops in Afghanistan
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 27 Mar. 2002-- U.S. seen paving way for war on Iraq
  • UN / KOSOVO VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- Discussions at the United Nations Security Council today (Wednesday) revolved around the question of how to maintain the current trend of political and social progress in Kosovo
  • BUSH/ IRAQ VOA 27 Mar. 2002-- President Bush is repeating his position that he will not allow Iraq to develop weapons of mass destruction

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