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20 March 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • CONGRESS / AFGHAN AID VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- The U-S House of Representatives is considering a one-billion dollar aid package to Afghanistan
  • AFGHAN / ATTACK VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- American-led forces have come under fire in eastern Afghanistan. The attack was repulsed, but one U-S soldier was slightly wounded
  • DoD News Briefing - ASD PA Clarke and Brig. Gen. Rosa 20 Mar. 2002 -- "Operations in Afghanistan continue. Overnight there was an attack on a U.S. position in the vicinity of Khost. Mortars, small arms and rocket-propelled grenades were fired from several directions. The mortars landed in the general vicinity but never impacted the exact location of U.S. troops. Our forces returned fire, and B-1s and AC-130 gunships responded. (...) We still have teams operating in eastern Afghanistan looking for any remaining Taliban and al Qaeda, and searching caves and other positions that may be occupied. (...) While our forces were searching one cave in the Anaconda area on Monday, they discovered a hand-held GPS, Global Positioning System unit. [The following information was updated in a news release after the briefing.] The GPS had the name "G. Gordon" on it. We currently believe this GPS belonged to Army Master Sergeant Gary Gordon, an Army Special Ops Force soldier killed in Somalia in 1993"
  • DOD CLARIFIES ORIGIN OF GPS SYSTEM 20 Mar. 2002 -- "During today's DoD press briefing information was presented regarding the recovery of a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit by U.S. forces conducting a search of a cave in the Operation Anaconda area. Initial indications that the GPS unit potentially belonged to a U.S. servicemember killed in Somalia several years ago have now been determined to be inaccurate"

Other Conflicts

  • O'Hanlon-Middle East VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- Vice President Dick Cheney and special envoy Anthony Zinni are both in the Middle East. Both are trying to bring an end to the violence in Israel. The main reason for Mr. Cheney's trip, however, perhaps had been to seek agreement from Arab countries for an active effort to oust Iraq's President Saddam Hussein. To provide some expertise and perspective on the complicated situation in the Middle East, and to get a better understanding of the probable future of Afghanistan, VOA-TV's David Borgida spoke with Michael O'Hanlon, a Senior Fellow of Foreign Policy Studies at The Brookings Institution in Washington
  • U-S-Zimbabwe VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- The United States is dismissing the treason charge against Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as part of a post-election campaign of official retaliation against those who opposed President Robert Mugabe. U-S officials say they've seen no specifics to back up the allegation against the party chief
  • BUSH / MIDEAST VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- President Bush says he is "frustrated" by the level of violence in the Middle East, following another suicide bombing in northern Israel
  • Security Cooperation Is Most Critical Element to Restore Calm Washington File 20 Mar. 2002-- Boucher said the U.S. wants to see Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat "make a very serious effort across the board to stop terror attacks." He added that, "at this point we haven't seen that kind of complete effort."

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News Reports

  • MILITARY TRIBUNALS VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- The U-S Defense Department is set to announce how it plans to proceed with military tribunals for terrorist suspects captured in the war in Afghanistan. Several hundred people have been held and interrogated for months, amid growing calls for them to be either formally charged or released
  • Text: World's Problems Cannot Justify Terrorism, U.S. Envoy Says Washington File 20 Mar. 2002-- Moley: "We must be careful not to allow the ills of the world to be used to justify terrorism or support for terrorist organizations," he said.
  • SAUDI PRESS FINDS LITTLE TO ENDORSE IN U.S. WAR AGAINST TERROR Foreign Media Reactions 20 Mar. 2002-- In stark contrast to the unambiguous support in the early days of the anti-terrorism campaign, the Kingdom's media is now more negative. The perception that the U.S. is unfairly targeting the Arab/Muslim world is pervasive. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the paramount concern; the Iraqi threat is, at most, hypothetical.
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 20 Mar. 2002-- Chances slim for expansion of Afghan peacekeepers
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 20 Mar. 2002-- Cheney says U.S. and Turkey near Afghan force deal
  • STEPHEN BIDDLE/AFGHANISTAN VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- Wednesday's al-Qaida and Taleban attack on coalition troops based in eastern Khost province, in eastern Afghanistan, illustrate that the fighting may be far from over.
  • TERROR INTERVIEWS VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- U-S Attorney General John Ashcroft has announced that federal investigators will seek to interview an additional 3-thousand foreign nationals as part of an effort to prevent future terrorist attacks
  • PAK/TERRORISM VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has promised to create new anti-terrorist units to counter growing religious and political violence. The move comes after a deadly attack on the Protestant International Church in Islamabad on Sunday, that left five people dead and 40 others injured -- most of them foreigners
  • TERROR/SMALLPOX PILL VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- U-S scientists have taken a huge step in making smallpox less of a terrorist threat to America
  • EDITORIAL: COOPERATION WITH GEORGIA VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- The United States is cooperating with Georgia to deal with the threat of international terrorism.
  • TURKEY / KURDS / IRAQ VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- The leader of a main Iraqi Kurdish faction in northern Iraq says (Wednesday) that a Turkish Kurd rebel group is ready to lay down its arms in exchange for a general amnesty for its fighters
  • U-S-KYRGYZSTAN VOA 20 Mar. 2002-- The United States has welcomed the release by authorities in Kyrgyzstan of an opposition member of parliament whose arrest had touched off street violence. At least five people have been killed in clashes between police and demonstrators since Sunday.

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