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26 February 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
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Current Operations

  • IRAN / AFGHANISTAN VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- Afghanistan's interim leader, Hamid Karzai, calls his three-days of talks with Iranian officials "very useful and fruitful
  • INDIA / AFGHANISTAN VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- Afghanistan's interim Prime Minister Hamid Karzai is in New Delhi for two-days of talks about rebuilding his country's shattered infrastructure and economy
  • AFGHAN ECON VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- At a recent conference in Tokyo, donor countries pledged four-point-five-billion-dollars worth of aid for Afghanistan to rebuild its shattered infrastructure. Afghanistan's finance minister says the flow of promised international aid has been limited, but he says that is partly Afghanistan's fault.
  • PHILIPPINES / ARROYO VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- Philippine President Gloria Arroyo is visiting (eds: has been visiting) the southern Philippines to boost the battle against terrorism and show support for a U-S Philippine military exercise under way there
  • General's comments about disputed Balkans border area set off diplomatic furor Stars & Stripes 26 Feb. 2002-- The U.S. general in charge of Task Force Falcon kicked up a diplomatic furor last week after he was quoted as saying he would send U.S. troops to protect Kosovar Albanians who farm a disputed border region claimed by Macedonia.
  • Afghanistan Needs Help to Cut Heroin Production USIA 26 Feb. 2002-- International Narcotics Control Board says poppies starting to grow

Other Conflicts

  • UN/PALESTINIANS VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- The United Nations Security Council says serious thought must be given to a new Middle East peace plan proposed by Saudi Arabia. Dozens of speakers have addressed the Council to consider this latest proposal as well as alternatives aimed at restoring the peace process
  • BUSH ANGOLA VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- President Bush wants Angolans to end their civil war following the death of the country's rebel leader last week
  • CONGO / TALKS VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- Talks in South Africa aimed at ending the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been suspended because of a dispute between the rebels and the government
  • U-N AID / LIBERIA VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- United Nations aid agencies say fighting in Liberia is displacing thousands of people inside the country, while many others are fleeing to neighboring Sierra Leone

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Defense Department Briefing Transcript for Feb. 26 26 Feb. 2002-- Myers: Thank you, Mr. Secretary, and good afternoon. We continue our efforts to gather intelligence inside Afghanistan on terrorist activities and operations, as well as to search for any remaining Taliban and al Qaeda. In the last 14 -- 48 hours, 14 detainees were turned over to us from Pakistani authorities, and two others from Afghan forces. And that puts at 194 the number of detainees inside Afghanistan and 300 in Guantanamo Bay.
  • Harry S. Truman Ends Inaugural Maintenance Deployment Early Navy Newsstand 26 Feb. 2002-- Completing a successful round of sea trials Feb. 26 following its first shipyard six-month maintenance period, USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75) ended the most successful shipyard availability ever held at Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY).

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • UN/IRAQ UPDATE VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- The director of the United Nations' oil-for-food program in Iraq says implementation of the program is paralyzed by political squabbling and may grind to a halt
  • HOLBROOKE / BALKANS VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- Former U-S ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke said Tuesday Western involvement in the Balkans has improved the lives of people there, but outside help in the region must continue
  • DOOMSDAY CLOCK VOA 26 Feb. 2002-- The hands of the so-called "Doomsday Clock" will be reset this week. The clock is a symbol of the Chicago-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and signifies how close the publication's editors think the world is to nuclear destruction
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 26 Feb. 2002-- Greece will not accept NATO involvement in European defense force operations
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 26 Feb. 2002-- NATO warms up for Norway, Poland exercise

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