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13 February 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • AFGHAN/PENTAGON IMAGE WOES VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- It has not been a good week for the Pentagon. Fresh charges of botched raids and innocent civilians killed or mistreated have taken center stage in the latest reporting on the war in Afghanistan. How are defense officials reacting?
  • Pakistan is a Key Player in Operation Enduring Freedom USIA 13 Feb. 2002-- Senior U.S. Official Briefs at the Foreign Press Center, Feb. 12
  • PHILIPPINES / U-S MILITARY VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- The Philippines and the United States have agreed to begin a controversial military exercise. The operation is aimed at eliminating the Abu Sayyaf group, which kidnapped a Philippine nurse and two American missionaries several months ago

Other Conflicts

  • SIERRA LEONE / CONFLICT DIAMONDS VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- Members of the U-S Congress are taking steps to prevent the international diamond trade from funding possible terrorist operations. At a Senate committee hearing Wednesday, officials said, while there is no direct evidence linking al-Qaida to diamonds from Sierra Leone, the gems from the west African country have been used to finance a decade of violence
  • LIBERIA / FIGHTING VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- Liberia remains under a state of emergency, following what the government and rebels say was an escalation of fighting near the capital, Monrovia. Thousands of people are reported to be fleeing the country, and the government has announced it will require all travelers to obtain exit visas starting on Thursday
  • KENYA / SOMALIA VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- Foreign ministers of six East African nations plan to meet in Kenya this week to discuss the ongoing political crisis in Somalia
  • Sudan Government Breaks Pledge to End Aerial Attacks on Civilians 13 Feb. 2002-- State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher issued a statement February 12 expressing U.S. outrage at the Sudanese government's aerial strike against a civilian target in the south of the country.

Defense Policy / Programs

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News Reports

  • YEMEN / AL-QAIDA VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- A Yemeni man, suspected of belonging to the terrorist group al-Qaida, was killed Wednesday night when he tried to throw a hand-grenade at police who had chased him into a residential neighborhood in Yemen's capital, San'a
  • POWELL / COLOMBIA AID VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- Secretary of State Colin Powell is defending a controversial Bush administration request for nearly 100-million dollars in new aid to help Colombia's armed forces defend a critical oil pipeline, which has been a frequent target of anti-government insurgents
  • POWELL-ARAFAT VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- Secretary of State Colin Powell says Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in a letter this week has "accepted responsibility" for last month's failed attempt by Palestinians to smuggle in some 50 tons of Iranian weapons. The attempt to bring in the arms aboard a small freighter, the Karine-A, has badly strained an already tenuous U-S-Palestinian relationship
  • PAKISTAN/PENTAGON VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says he is looking forward to U-S debt forgiveness and renewed military sales --- concrete evidence of the Bush administration's gratitude for Pakistan's cooperation in the war on terrorism
  • BUSH / MUSHARRAF VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- President Bush says Pakistan is expanding its fight against international terrorists
  • SACRED RAGE/BOOK REVIEW VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- The rage of militant Islam has terrorized nations around the world, most recently the United States. Veteran reporter Robin Wright has been tracking the spread of this form of Islam for two decades.
  • AXIS OF EVIL VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- President Bush's use of the phrase "axis of evil" continues to stir controversy around the world. Critics accuse the President of stretching the war against terrorism to include Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Defenders say the President has given timely warning to these rogue states to change their behavior before they suffer the fate of the Taleban
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 13 Feb. 2002-- Greece's defense minister calls for Russia, Ukraine to eventually join NATO
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 13 Feb. 2002-- Robertson: NATO enlargement and Russian rapprochement not incompatible
  • NKOREA/BUSH VOA 13 Feb. 2002-- North Korea, angry at being called part of an "axis of evil" by President Bush, has labeled him "the most bellicose and heinous" U-S president, whose visit next week to South Korea is aimed at increasing the danger of war on the divided peninsula
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Bob Edwards, NPR Radio, Morning Edition 13 Feb. 2002-- Secretary Rumsfeld: Well, I hope it's true. If so, it would be a new event. They [Iran] have, to our knowledge, been quite accommodating to al Qaeda people transiting from Afghanistan through Iran towards the Middle East, various countries in the Middle East. It's been notably unhelpful to the war on terrorism and to our efforts to stop terrorists from attacking us and our friends and allies, deployed forces.

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