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07 February 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • AFGHAN / AL-QAIDA VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- Pentagon officials say bad weather has so far prevented troops from assessing a remote site along Afghanistan's border with Pakistan where a U-S drone aircraft fired a missile at suspected al-Qaida terrorists
  • UNHCR Concerned About Afghan Security USIA 07 Feb. 2002-- Lubbers reports on refugee situations in Afghanistan, Africa
  • AFGHAN/PENTAGON VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- The commander of U-S forces in Afghanistan says his troops, in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency, are working hard to track down fugitive al-Qaida terrorists
  • UN/REFUGEES VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- Another senior U-N official is calling for an expansion of the peace-keeping operation in Afghanistan. High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers says increased security is critical to getting aid to those who need it most
  • 101st Airborne Division commander happy with progress of deployment By David Josar, Stars and Stripes 07 Feb. 2002 -- He said early estimates put the number of Taliban and al-Qaida fighters at about 50,000. If a person added the number of detainees and rough projections of people killed in the bombings and other attacks, the total is far fewer than that projection.
  • Franks: Al Qaeda's Safe Harbor Is Gone AFIS 07 Feb. 2002-- Afghanistan is no longer a safe harbor for Al Qaeda terrorists, Army Gen. Tommy Franks told members of the Senate Armed Service Committee today.
  • PHILIPPINES / U-S VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- Philippine Muslim leaders caution that a military exercise with the United States, which is aimed at al-Qaida-linked rebels, could target other Muslim separatist groups.
  • PAK/AFGHAN/KARZAI VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- Afghan leader Hamid Karzai is to arrive Friday in Pakistan for his first official visit since Afghanistan's interim government took power in December.
  • AFGHAN / AVALANCHE VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- Rescue efforts are underway following an avalanche in the mountains of northern Afghanistan. Three-people are reported dead, about 100 others are trapped in the snow, and another 100 people have been rescued.
  • JOHN HOWARD/INDONESIA VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- Australian Prime Minister John Howard signed a Memorandum of Understanding on fighting terrorism with Jakarta. The two countries agreed to share intelligence and cooperate in combating international terrorism.

Other Conflicts

  • ZIMBABWE / POLITICS VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change says two more of its supporters have been killed. Meanwhile, police have arrested 40 other M-D-C supporters, including three members of parliament, for holding an illegal campaign rally
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- : Israeli warplanes have attacked a Palestinian Authority building in the West Bank. The attacks came hours after a Palestinian gunman killed three Israelis at a Jewish settlement in the Jordan Valley.
  • SRI LANKA / CEASEFIRE VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- In Sri Lanka, senior Norwegian officials have arrived to arrange a permanent truce between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Joint Strike Fighter Signing Ceremony 07 Feb. 2002-- Williams: It's with great pleasure that I formally announce today Canada's participation with the United States and Great Britain in the systems development and demonstration phase of the Joint Strike Fighter program. Canada's decision to participate in the JSF program is yet another clear demonstration of the Canadian government's continuing commitment to North American security and industrial cooperation.
  • Some House Armed Services Members Say More New Ships Needed USIA 07 Feb. 2002-- Base closings, troop levels also concerns at Rumsfeld hearing
  • Fact Sheet: White House on Status of Detainees at Guantanamo 07 Feb. 2002-- Although we never recognized the Taliban as the legitimate Afghan government, Afghanistan is a party to the Convention, and the President has determined that the Taliban are covered by the Convention. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention, however, the Taliban detainees do not qualify as POWs.
  • JFK Battle Group to Conduct Second Phase of Joint Task Force Exercise Navy News Service 07 Feb. 2002-- More than 10,000 Sailors of the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Battle Group (CVBG) are participating in Phase II of Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) 02-1, running Feb. 7-14. Phase I of the exercise was completed Jan. 19 through 26.
  • Sea Trials Anything But Trying For JFK Navy News Service 07 Feb. 2002-- If you believe everything you've heard lately about USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67), you don't know "Jack."
  • Text: U.S., Canada Sign Agreement on Joint Strike Fighter 07 Feb. 2002-- On February 7, the United States and Canada -- represented by U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Edward Aldridge, Jr., and his Canadian counterpart Assistant Deputy Minister for Material Alan Williams, respectively -- signed a memorandum of understanding committing Canada to participate in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) system development and demonstration phase.

Defense Industry

  • Boeing Completes Major Cockpit/Communications System Upgrade on E-6B Aircraft Boeing 07 Feb 2002 -- The Boeing Company's [NYSE: BA] successful installation of the Next Generation 737 glass cockpit into the first of 16 U.S. Navy E-6B 707 communications aircraft means a more pilot-friendly, powerful and reliable flight deck.
  • An unchallenged step forward for the Spanish Defence Industry EADS 07 Feb 2002 -- INMIZE, the new Spanish company dedicated to missile technology, has been established after several months of intense negotiations within the framework of the European Defence Industry. The creation of such a missile company integrating the major companies in the Defence sector with experience and technology in this area, has long been an aspiration of the Spanish Ministry of Defence.
  • U.S. Navy Orders Lockheed Martin Automated Test Equipment Worth $84 Million Lockheed Martin 07 Feb 2002 -- Lockheed Martin, under separate U.S. Navy contracts worth a total of $84 million, will provide 12 Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) test systems and develop additional CASS test program sets (TPS) for support of Navy aircraft.
  • Canada Joins Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter Program Lockheed Martin 07 Feb 2002 -- The Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter team today enthusiastically welcomed the announcement of Canada's participation in the JSF program. Canada joins JSF in the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase of the program, enabling the country to influence elements of the JSF design. Canada represents the first international JSF commitment outside the United Kingdom.
  • U.S. Navy Orders Lockheed Martin Automated Test Equipment Worth $84 Million Lockheed Martin 07 Feb 2002 -- Lockheed Martin, under separate U.S. Navy contracts worth a total of $84 million, will provide 12 Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) test systems and develop additional CASS test program sets (TPS) for support of Navy aircraft. CASS, the world's largest automated test support program, is the Navy's standard test equipment used to test avionics on aircraft carriers and in depots throughout the United States.

News Reports

  • BUSH / MIDEAST VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- President Bush says Yasser Arafat has not done enough to stop violence against Israel. But he makes clear he is not ready to cut off ties with the Palestinian leader
  • Transcript: Bush Calls on Arafat for Active Steps Against Terror 07 Feb. 2002-- Bush: As I said, either you're with or you're against us. And we fully understand that in order to be effective in our fight against terror, that we need others to join us. And so the Vice President I think is going to be very effective at convincing -- at convincing our friends we mean business. And we would hope that they would do everything in their power to shut off money, to deny haven, and to join this grand coalition dedicated to one thing -- freedom and peace.
  • Bush Statements on Terrorism Presage More Interventionist Policy, Berger Says USIA 07 Feb. 2002-- Senate witnesses see toppling of Saddam Hussein as key step ahead
  • Treasury's O'Neill Says G-7 to Focus on Counterterrorism, Growth USIA 07 Feb. 2002-- Development, financial crises among other priorities
  • Text: Kansteiner on Terrorism and U.S. Policy Options in Somalia 07 Feb. 2002-- Kansteiner: Our own government has begun the process of marshalling ideas and resources to confront Somalia's long-term governance challenges. A sub-group of the Policy Coordinating Committee for Africa created specifically to examine this question met for the first time yesterday (February 5).
  • Transcript: U.S. on Conflict Prevention, Upcoming Elections in S. Serbia 07 Feb. 2002-- "We hope all citizens, and especially ethnic Albanians, will participate fully in the spring municipal elections, and in the political process as a whole," Minikes told the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Permanent Council in Vienna.
  • Excerpt: Powell Says War on Terror Requires Transnational Effort 07 Feb. 2002-- "What we are trying to do on the foreign policy side is to help analyze where al-Qaida cells might seek refuge," Powell said. "A country that immediately comes to mind is Somalia because it is quite a lawless place without much of a government and because it has been this sort of terrorist haven in the past, providing training camps, communications links, and financial cover."
  • Bush Says Geneva Convention Applies To Taliban, Not al-Qaida USIA 07 Feb. 2002-- Taliban still doesn't qualify as POWs, Fleischer says
  • Text: Lawmaker Says Security Is Primary Need in Afghanistan 07 Feb. 2002-- Pitts: There is an almost overwhelming humanitarian crisis that continues today. Food, medicine and shelter are lacking for much of the country's population. Yet, there is hope--hope that the American people will cement their friendship with the Afghan people by remaining engaged in their country through various avenues. Government aid to Afghanistan is vital, but people to people diplomacy, sister relationships between schools and hospitals in the US. partnering with schools and hospitals in Afghanistan, will be invaluable in helping to rebuild the nation and the historic friendship between our nations.
  • SHAPE NEWS MORNING UPDATE 07 Feb. 2002 -- French frustration at President Bush's world view burst into the open on Wednesday with a hard-hitting assault from Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine on Washington's "simplistic" approach to the war on terrorism.
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 07 Feb. 2002 -- SACEUR-BULGARIA President Purvanov visits SHAPE; NATO starts process to extend Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia mission; Bosnian Serbs to issue ultimatum to war crimes fugitives; Daily: Lord Robertson "declares war on old guard to reinvent NATO" ; Swedish, Polish ministers discuss Swedish participation in "Strong Resolve"
  • RUSSIA / KURSK BODIES VOA 07 Feb. 2002 -- Russian officials say they have now recovered all the bodies that they can from the wreck of the nuclear-powered submarine Kursk.
  • BUSH/DETAINEES VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- President Bush has made a complicated decision regarding detainees captured during the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan
  • HOMELAND SECURITY VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- U-S Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge says Americans must get used to the idea that the threat of terrorism is a permanent condition in the 21st century. But he also says the United States is safer than it was when the terrorists struck on September 11th.
  • ARAFAT AND TERRORISTS VOA 07 Feb. 2002-- Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, said in an essay that he wrote for The New York Times that he condemns "the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against Israeli civilians." And, continued Mr. Arafat, "These groups do not represent the Palestinian people or their legitimate aspirations for freedom. They are terrorist organizations."

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