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05 February 2002 Military News

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  • U-N AID / AFGHANISTAN VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- The United Nations children's agency, UNICEF, says Afghanistan's interim government understands the importance of education to the country's future. But it says after years of Taleban rule, the educational system has to be re-built practically from the beginning
  • AFGHANISTAN / FOOD AID VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- The United Nations World Food Program is launching a new effort to feed Afghanistan's hungry citizens. Hardest hit areas will get most of the aid
  • PHILIPPINE SUPREME COURT / U-S VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- The Philippines Supreme Court is ordering the government to justify the presence of U-S troops in a combat zone in the country's southern islands
  • PHILIPPINES/ U-S SOLDIERS VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- As U-S soldiers prepare for six months of anti-terrorism exercises in the southern Philippines, the country's own troops continue to hunt Abu Sayyaf rebels hiding on Basilan Island. Philippine soldiers say poor equipment and intelligence hamper the campaign against the al-Qaida-linked gang problems they think the joint exercise may change

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Text: OMB Chief Says U.S. Budgets for Two-Pronged War on Terrorism 05 Feb. 2002-- Daniels: Winning our two-front war is not optional, and will be expensive. As in other times of national conflict, tradeoffs will be required. Other priorities will have to stand aside for a time, lest we commit the "guns and butter" mistake of the Viet Nam era. We propose a very reasonable level that allows spending not related to the war or homeland defense to grow by around 2%.
  • Sea Trials Continue for USS John F. Kennedy; Injured Sailors Return to Work Navy News Service 05 Feb. 2002-- The Mayport, Fla.-based aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) remains at sea today following a steering control incident during an underway replenishment Feb. 3. The ship is conducting sea trials of its engineering plant and other operational equipment following a period of repairs.
  • Port Hueneme Develops New Underway Replenishment Transfer System Concept Navy News Service 05 Feb. 2002-- The Port Hueneme Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) will conduct the development of a new underway replenishment (UNREP) transfer system concept to meet expeditionary logistics objectives.

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Robin Dorff, U.S. Army War College VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- President Bush sent his proposed budget for fiscal year 2003 to Capitol Hill Monday morning...and legislators were aware even before it arrived that it contained a substantial increase in military spending. The war in Afghanistan is calling into particular focus the role of U-S military's special forces and recent newspaper articles suggest the success of those forces could translate into more money to equip them with some high-technology equipment.
  • MALAYSIA / TERRORIST VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- The Malaysian government says it will not hand over suspected terrorist Yazid Sufaat to the United States. U-S officials have reportedly requested the Malaysian man's extradition in connection to the September 11th attacks in New York and Washington
  • POWELL/AXIS OF EVIL VOA 05 Feb. 2002-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell has reaffirmed President Bush's description of Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an "Axis of Evil" because of their links to terrorism and efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. But in Senate committee testimony Tuesday, the secretary said it does not mean U-S military action is imminent against any one of those countries
  • State Dept.'s Haass Outlines Broad-Based Foreign Policy USIA 05 Feb. 2002--Says multifaceted efforts complement war against terror
  • Text: Powell Says Terrorism Remains First U.S. Priority 05 Feb. 2002-- Powell: And let me say here at the outset, Mr. Chairman, before I go into the details of the budget and our foreign policy, that President Bush has two overriding objectives that our foreign policy must serve before all else. These two objectives are to win the war on terrorism and to protect Americans at home and abroad. This Administration will not be deterred from accomplishing these objectives. I have no doubt that this committee and the Congress feel the same way.
  • Transcript: White House Press Gaggle on Air Force One, February 5 05 Feb. 2002-- FLEISCHER: Big benefits beyond bioterrorism. This is one of the interesting side benefits of the President's proposed funding increases to combat bioterrorism. It strengthens the nation's public health system. It strengthens emergency rooms. It strengthens state medical systems. In fighting and preventing bioterrorism, it gives doctors, nurses, emergency rooms and hospitals more resources so they can fight regular diseases.

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