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29 January 2002 Military News

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  • PHILIPPINES / U-S TROOPS VOA 29 Jan. 2002-- Philippine military officials say the official start of joint anti-terrorism military exercises with U-S troops scheduled for Wednesday - has been postponed for a few days
  • AFGHAN-KARZAI VOA 29 Jan. 2002-- The head of Afghanistan's interim administration has pledged to create an honest and democratic government in his homeland. But, he says the international community must be more generous.
  • Text: NATO, Russia Agree to Strengthen Cooperation to Combat Terrorism 29 Jan. 2002-- NATO Allies and Russia have condemned terrorism in all its manifestations and pledged to spare no efforts in bringing to justice its perpetrators, organisers and sponsors and in defeating this scourge. They have agreed to strengthen their cooperation under the Founding Act to achieve this objective.
  • Transcript: Rumsfeld, U.S. Senators Brief Media in Cuba 29 Jan. 2002-- Rumsfeld: The characteristics of the individuals that have been captured is that they are unlawful combatants, not lawful combatants. That is why they are characterized as detainees and not prisoners of war. The al Qaeda are so obviously a part of a terrorist network as opposed to being part of an army -- they didn't go around with uniforms with their weapons in public display, with insignia and behave in a manner that an army behaves in; they went around like terrorists, and that's a very different thing.

Other Conflicts

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Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Transcript: President Bush's State of the Union Address 29 Jan. 2002-- Bush: Our second goal is to prevent regimes that sponsor terror from threatening America or our friends and allies with weapons of mass destruction. Some of these regimes have been pretty quiet since September the 11th. But we know their true nature.
  • Text: The Democrats' Response to the President's State of the Union 29 Jan. 2002-- Gephardt: Since that day, there has been no daylight between us in this war on terrorism. We have met almost every single week and built a bipartisan consensus that is helping America win this war.
  • Congress United Behind Bush on Fight Against Terrorism USIA 29 Jan. 2002-- Democrats diverge from his views on economic recovery, tax cuts
  • Transcript: Adm. Blair Praises Counterterrorism Efforts in SE Asia 29 Jan. 2002-- Adm. Blair: I think the first thing is that Afghanistan was probably a unique first phase of the war. There we had a government that was actively assisting, providing sanctuary for an international terrorist organization and military means were most appropriate there. I think if you look around the rest of the world, particularly in our part of the world, you don't see governments who are like the Taliban government really actively supporting the international terrorist organizations. So this next phase of the war I think is going to be much more a case of cooperating with countries in order to root out the terrorist infrastructure and terrorist organizations that are there. And virtually all other governments, certainly in our part of the world, are much more cooperative in that area.
  • Transcript: Amb. Baker Discusses Japanese Antiterrorism Efforts 29 Jan. 2002-- Baker: Just as Japan has taken a central role in world diplomacy and an important role in the war on terrorism, it is and must play a crucial role in the evolution of development of the next phase of the world economy
  • Transcript: EU Counter-Terrorism Efforts Superb, State's Taylor Says 29 Jan. 2002-- Taylor: "The one thing the world can't do is think that because we have been militarily successful in Afghanistan that we have solved the problem of al Qaeda as a significant threat to international peace through terrorism."
  • Text: U.S. Says Global Help Is Key to Stopping Terror Funds 29 Jan. 2002-- "I cannot emphasize enough how vitally important international cooperation is," Dam told the Senate Banking Committee January 29. "After all, we cannot bomb foreign bank accounts. We need the cooperation of foreign governments to investigate and block them."
  • BUSH STATE OF THE UNION VOA 29 Jan. 2002-- President Bush says the war on terrorism is just beginning and that the United States must be steadfast and persistent
  • BUSH / SAUDI ARABIA VOA 29 Jan. 2002-- Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah says the war against terrorism is being undermined by, what he called, America's indefensible position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • MALAYSIA / TERRORISTS VOA 29 Jan. 2002-- Malaysia's leader says that local Islamic militants now in custody are not connected to the September 11th terror attacks in the United States

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