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25 January 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • AFGHANISTAN / FOREIGN MINISTER VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- Afghanistan's Foreign Minister is in Washington in a bid to consolidate political and financial support for the country's transitional, post-Taleban government. Minister Abdullah Abdullah is scheduled to meet U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell and other U-S officials during his visit. He spoke Thursday to members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a leading U-S research institute.
  • ASHCROFT / AL-QAIDA SUSPECT VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- Attorney General John Ashcroft has released the identity of another suspected Al-Qaida terrorist, who, along with four other Muslim men, was seen on videotape uncovered in Afghanistan, delivering what looked to be messages about a possible suicide attack
  • U-S-Afghanistan VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- Secretary of State Colin Powell Friday assured his Afghan counterpart, Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, that American interest in the Afghanistan's future will not end with the completion of U-S military operations there.
  • AFGHAN / PENTAGON VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- U-S forces in Afghanistan have destroyed a massive Taleban munitions stockpile following a raid that left some 15 suspected Taleban fighters dead and resulted in the capture of 27 others
  • AFGHAN / PRISONERS VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- U-S officials say Taleban and al-Qaida prisoners are being treated humanely, but officials refuse to recognize them as prisoners of war
  • AFGHANISTAN ENDGAME VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- U-S troops will remain in Afghanistan for at least several months more, which could cause concern among some countries
  • MULLER/TALEBAN VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- American Taleban fighter John Walker Lindh was formally charged Thursday with conspiring to kill U-S citizens abroad. The evidence against him includes statements he made to F-B-I interrogators in December.
  • SUDAN / REBELS VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- A Sudanese government official (Friday) denied allegations by the country's main rebel group, the Sudan People's Liberation Army, or S-P-L-A, that it is violating the terms of a cease-fire in the Nuba Mountains
  • Transcript: State's Larson on Funding Afghanistan Reconstruction 25 Jan. 2002-- Larson: A number of countries were able to make multiyear pledges, and the sum total of those pledges, some of which were one-year pledges, some of which were two-and-a-half year pledges, some of which were five-year pledges, was $4.5 billion. We felt this showed that a very substantial dent is being made in the five-year reconstruction needs.
  • Taliban Could Be Threat To New Afghan Government, UN Report Warns USIA 25 Jan. 2002-- Experts group reports to Security Council
  • AFGHAN CURRENCY VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- As Afghanistan's neighbor and top trading partner, Pakistan has been affected in many ways by the war in Afghanistan.
  • AFGHANISTAN-UN VOA 25 Jan. 2002-- U-N Secretary-General Koffi Annan has arrived in Afghanistan for a one-day visit to shore up support for that country's interim government and to stress the need for stability

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: Bush Asking $11 Billion For Border Security in FY-2003 25 Jan. 2002-- Bush: We must make sure that our Coast Guard has got a modern fleet of vessels. We must make sure that port security is as strong as possible. We must make sure there's additional operating money available for the extended missions of the Coast Guard. And we must make sure those who wear our uniforms are well paid.

Defense Industry

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • Text: States Boosting Protections against Bioterrorism 25 Jan. 2002-- HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson announced today plans for the release of the first installment of more than $200 million in funds from the more than $1 billion in bioterrorism money designated for states to help prepare their public health infrastructures to respond in the event of a bioterrorism attack.

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