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16 January 2002 Military News

Current Operations
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Current Operations

  • NATO / BOSNIA VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- NATO says it remains committed to maintaining a security role in Bosnia despite discussions among the allies about cutting their troop presence.
  • AFGHAN PROSPECTS VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- Afghanistan can successfully rebuild, said participants at a recent meeting of the U-S Institute of Peace. Its people are ready to work together, despite past divisions, but outside help is crucial, especially from the United States.
  • BRITAIN / U-S PRISONERS VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- British Prime Minister Tony Blair says al-Qaida and Taleban prisoners held by the United States in Cuba are getting humane treatment
  • AFGHAN / PENTAGON VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says U-S experts are examining what may be canisters containing chemical weapons found at an al-Qaida terrorist facility in Afghanistan
  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, January 16, 2002 16 Jan. 2002-- Myers: Operations continue as we search for Taliban and al Qaeda leadership. We did not drop any ordnance yesterday, but our aircraft remain on call for any emerging targets or time-sensitive targets.
  • Text: Kennedy Speaks on National Security, U.S. Economy 16 Jan. 2002-- Kennedy: Our first priority is to stand with the President and our armed forces on the frontlines overseas, and to do all we can to protect the homefront against possible new acts of terrorism. But there is another challenge which also demands the best of all of us, and which I hope we can approach with a new bipartisanship. We must reinforce the nation on the homefront by meeting the great domestic challenges here with the same determination that we all have brought to the great challenge from abroad. Despite all the dangers and difficulties, we enter this period with extraordinary possibilities for progress.
  • White House Report, Jan. 16: Argentina, Philippines, Guantanamo, South Asia 16 Jan. 2002-- Fleischer: "As part of the war against terrorism, the President is very concerned about combatting terrorism wherever it may exist. There is a terrorism problem in the Philippines, as is well known, and the President wants to be helpful to the Philippine government in combating terrorism there. And so the United States has sent a team of advisers to the Philippines to be helpful to the government there in fighting terrorism."
  • U.S. Engagement in Kosovo Created Strong Ties with Albanian Kosovars USIA 16 Jan. 2002-- Interview with Dr. Alush Gashi
  • Text: U.S. Welcomes Afghan Ban on Drug Production and Trafficking 16 Jan. 2002-- Reeker: On January 16, the Afghan Interim Authority issued a decree banning the cultivation, processing, and trafficking of opiates. In the late 1990s, Afghanistan became the largest producer of the world's supply of opium and heroin. It continued to be the world's major supplier of illegal opiates even after the Taliban's ban on opium poppy cultivation in July 2000.
  • Transcript: Bush Welcomes Turkish Support of Anti-Terror Campaign 16 Jan. 2002-- Bush: I believe there is plenty of troops from other nations that are willing to help, and after all, I've made it clear that our troops will be used to fight and win a war. And that's exactly what they've done. We've sent them over to fight a war, and we're winning the war.
  • Text: Additional NATO Radar Planes to Assist U.S. Homeland Security 16 Jan. 2002-- Following a request by the United States, NATO's North Atlantic Council today approved the deployment of two E3 Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft to join five other AWACs aircraft of this type already operating in support of U.S. homeland security.
  • U.S.-Philippine Armed Forces To Begin Training, Exercises USIA 16 Jan. 2002-- Special Forces will assist with anti-terrorist training
  • NATIONAL GUARD AND RESERVE MOBILIZED AS OF JAN. 16 16 Jan. 2002-- This week the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps all announce increases of reservists on active duty in support of the partial mobilization. The Navy reports no change. The net collective result is 2,387 more reservists than last week.
  • U.S. Forces to Help Philippines Fight Terrorists AFIS 16 Jan. 2002-- U.S. forces are moving into the Philippines, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters today.
  • PHILIPPINES VIOLENCE VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- At least 20 people have died in the southern Philippines in two days of clashes between army rangers and policemen loyal to the former governor of the Autonomous Muslim Region
  • AFGHANISTAN / U-S FORCES VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- U-S forces based at the airport in the southern Afghan city, Kandahar, say they are continuing to find evidence of would-be attackers probing their defenses.
  • BRITAIN / DEFENSE VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- Britain's politicians are debating whether the country's armed forces are over-stretched with their latest deployment in Afghanistan
  • JAPAN/AFGHAN AID VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- Japanese government officials say Tokyo could donate as much as half-a-billion dollars to help rebuild Afghanistan's shattered economy

Other Conflicts

Defense Policy / Programs

  • SAUDI/U-S MILITARY BASES VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee thinks the United States should reconsider its military presence in Saudi Arabia because of what he says is a lax Saudi attitude toward terrorism as well as Saudi restrictions placed on U-S military personnel in the kingdom
  • Cleaning Up the Badlands Bombing Range VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- During the Second World War, the U.S. Air Force needed a testing site. They found one on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the western state of South Dakota. More than 121,000 hectares of the reservation was used as an aerial bombing and gunnery range by the Air Force. When the war was over, unexploded ordnance and shrapnel lay scattered across more than 129,000 hectares of the Badlands--an arid area in the northwestern corner of the reservation. More than a half-century later, cleanup of the ordnance left behind by the military remains incomplete.
  • Recruiting Picture Murky in Post-Sept. 11 World AFIS 16 Jan. 2002-- Recruiters said it is too early to gauge whether the events of Sept. 11 will translate into more young Americans wanting to join the military.

Defense Industry

Defense Industry

News Reports

  • "IRAN AND THE WAR ON TERRORISM" VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- On the Line, a discussion of United States policy and contemporary issues. Today's topic, "Iran and the War on Terrorism."
  • HUMAN RIGHTS / TERRORISM VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- A leading human rights organization says countries around the world are using the United States-led war against terrorism to crack down on domestic dissent.
  • YEMEN / CABINET VOA 16 Jan. 2002-- Yemen's government has ordered all religious institutions in the country to adopt a moderate curriculum

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