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16 October 2001 Military News

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October 16, 2001 Airstrikes


  • 'Box Scores' Don't Tell Whole Story AFPS 16 Oct. 2001-- Coalition military forces have dropped "well over 2,000" munitions in more than a week of aerial strikes on Al Qaeda and Taliban sites in Afghanistan, but U.S. military officials caution against using these numbers to "keep score" in the war on terrorism.
  • PENTAGON/STRIKES VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Defense officials believe a key Taleban-held city may soon fall to the opposition Northern Alliance
  • AFGHAN ATTACKS VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Witnesses in Afghanistan report heavy explosions outside Kabul and other cities early Tuesday, as the American campaign aimed at flushing out Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist network continues

Video footage, and pre- and post-strikes aerials used during DoD news briefing
Click on the small image to view a larger version
Movie showing airstrike on a tank near the Mazar-e-Sharif Airfield
Footage showing airstrike on a tank near the Mazar-e-Sharif Airfield
Movie showing airstrike on a Taliban military training facility in Kandahar
Footage showing airstrike on a Taliban military training facility in Kandahar
Movie showing target airstrike on a Taliban military training facility in Kandahar
Footage showing airstrike on a Taliban military training facility in Kandahar
The two videos above are of a Taliban military training facility in Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan. The string of vehicles lined up are armored vehicles. The targets were struck on October 15, 2001.
Movie showing airstrike on a SA-3 missile site near the Kandahar Airfield
Footage showing airstrike on a SA-3 missile site near the Kandahar Airfield
Movie showing airstrike on a SA-13 missile site near the Kandahar Airfield
Footage showing airstrike on a SA-13 missile site near the Kandahar Airfield
The footage above show a SA-3 SAM site and a SA-13 SAM site which provided air defense coverage of the Kandahar airfield. They were struck on October 15, 2001.

Defense Policy / Programs

Government Statements and Transcripts

  • Her Majesty's Government's Campaign Objectives -- The British Goverment released this document, titled "Defeating International Terrorism: Campaign Objectives", outlining its campaign objectives in the fight against international terrorism. "The overall objective is to eliminate terrorism as a force in international affairs. There are immediate objectives relating to UBL, his organisation and Afghanistan and wider objectives relating principally to the campaign against international terrorism more generally."
  • Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Al Jezeera 16 Oct. 2001-- Rumsfeld: "The only way you can defend against terrorism is not by self-defense, because a terrorist can attack any place at any time. You simply must take the battle to them, and that's what President Bush has announced he's going to do, and that's what he is in the process of doing."
  • U.S. INADVERTENTLY STRIKES ICRC WAREHOUSES DOD Press Release 16 Oct. 2001-- At approximately 4:57 a.m. EDT today, Tuesday, Oct. 16, GBU-16 1,000-pound bombs from a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet inadvertently struck one or more warehouses used by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in northern Kabul, Afghanistan. Reports from the ICRC indicate that wheat and other humanitarian supplies stored in the warehouses were destroyed, and an Afghan security guard was injured
  • DOD Press Briefing Transcript 16 oct. 2001-- We continue to make progress toward our goal to create the conditions necessary for sustained antiterrorist operations and delivery of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people
  • Excerpts: White House Spokesman's Comments on South Asia, Oct 16 16 Oct. 2001-- The President has given the Taliban government ample time to respond. The President made it perfectly plain about what actions the Taliban needed to take in order to avoid the fate that they have chosen for themselves. They had plenty of time; they chose not to act
  • Transcript: USAID's Natsios Announces $38.5 Million in Aid for Afghan People 16 Oct. 2001-- Natsios: "It is World Food Day today and we would like to announce a contribution of $38.5 million to purchase additional wheat, lentils, vegetable oil, corn-soy blend and yellow peas for Afghan relief, and for Afghan refugees"
  • Transcript: Armitage Interview October 12 for Capital Sunday TV Show 16 Oct. 2001-- Armitage: "But you mentioned Usama bin Laden and his well publicized videotape the other day. This was one of the first times that Usama bin Laden has ever expressed any desire to be involved in the Palestinian question. He just threw that in as something to try to garner support where it does not now exist for him."
  • Transcript: FBI, U.S. Justice Department Investigate Anthrax Threats 16 Oct. 2001-- Ashcroft: "It's terrorism. And we treat it as an act of terror and terrorism. But while we have not ruled out linkage to the terrorist attack of September 11th or the perpetrators of that attack, we do not have conclusive evidence that would provide a basis for a conclusion that it is a part of that terrorist endeavor"
  • U.S. Military Operations Continue in Afghanistan 16 Oct. 2001-- Summary of DOD briefing
  • Transcript: Powell, Musharraf Discuss Terrorism, Afghanistan 16 Oct. 2001-- "The terrorist outrage in New York and Washington on 11 September was rightly condemned by the whole world community," Musharraf said.
  • Transcript: Rice Says This War is Against Terrorism, Not Against Islam 16 Oct. 2001-- Rice: "It is a war against evil people who would hijack the Palestinian cause. As Yasser Arafat said today, there is no connection between what al Qaida does and the Palestinian cause,"
  • Text: U.S. Official on Fighting Terrorism in the Western Hemisphere 16 Oct. 2001-- Moreover, al-Qaida is but one of many terrorist organizations with extensive international networks. International organizations operating in this hemisphere include Islamic extremist organizations such as Hizballah, al Gamaat (IG), HAMAS, and Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ); the Basque separatist group ETA and even the Irish Republican Army also have a presence in this hemisphere. These groups -- when combined with terrorist groups based in the Americas such as the FARC, Shining Path, and others -- provide more proof that terrorism is a threat to all of us.
  • Text: African Ambassadors Condemn Terrorist Attacks on U.S. 16 Oct. 2001-- "We, the African ambassadors here, join our leaders in their unanimous and total condemnation of the reprehensible acts of mass murder which took place on September 11, 2001, against innocent people of all nationalities, faiths, and walks of life," Olhaye told Secretary of State Colin Powell.

US Domestic Responses

  • ANTHRAX SCARE VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Top federal law enforcement officials said Tuesday they do not have conclusive evidence linking suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden to envelopes of anthrax sent through the U-S mail. National correspondent
  • BUSH TALEBAN VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- President Bush will not consider a temporary halt to bombing Afghanistan amidt reports that moderate members of the ruling Taleban are trying to negotiate the hand-over of suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden
  • CONGRESS / PAKISTAN VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- In a gesture to Pakistan for its support for U-S efforts to fight terrorism, the U-S House of Representatives has approved (by voice vote) a bill suspending the remaining sanctions against Islamabad, for up to two years
  • INDIA/POWELL VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Secretary of State Colin Powell has arrived in India for a visit aimed at shoring up cooperation for the campaign against terrorism
  • POWELL / MUSHARRAF VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, has re-affirmed his support for the war on terrorism and Secretary of State Colin Powell has re-affirmed Washington's commitment to expand bilateral cooperation with Pakistan, including debt relief and trade ties

International Responses

  • UN Security Council Demands Taliban Stop Blocking Aid Shipments USIA 16 Oct. 2001-- Council gravely concerned about humanitarian situation
  • U-N/ AFGHANISTAN VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- The United Nations Security Council has called on Afghanistan's ruling Taleban to stop its harassment of humanitarian workers delivering aid in the desperate nation
  • E-U TERROR / MONEY VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- European Union finance and justice ministers -- in an extraordinary joint meeting in Luxemourg -- have endorsed tough new measures to cut off financing for terrorism in the wake of last month's attacks in the United States
  • AFGHANISTAN/NORTHERN ALLIANCE VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- The Afghan opposition Northern Alliance says it will reject any coalition government that includes the Taleban
  • UN / AFGHANISTAN VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- The United Nations says the law and order situation in Kandahar and other Afghan cities appears to be breaking down, threatening relief operations in Afghanistan
  • COLOMBIA-TERRORISM VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- The September 11th terrorist attack on the United States has sparked renewed debate in Colombia over whether the country's largest guerrilla group is a terrorist organization or a leftist insurgency
  • ISRAEL / ANTHRAX VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Israeli health officials say the country is on high alert for the possibility of anthrax attacks after multiple reports of exposure to the disease in the United States
  • JORDAN / ATTACK VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Lebanese officials are denying reports that a plot to blow up the U-S, British and Jordanian embassies in Beirut had been foiled in the past few days.
  • AUSTRALIA / ANTHRAX VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- Australia remains on high alert after dozens of anthrax scares have been reported across the country. In the state of New South Wales, an emergency disaster plan has been activated in response to the threat of bio-terrorism

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • Human Smugglers Newest Threat to Afghan Refugees USIA 16 Oct. 2001-- Aid, supplies pushed on multiple fronts as cold weather approaches
  • BUSH OVERNIGHT VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- President Bush leaves for China Wednesday to take part in the APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in Shanghai
  • CONGRESS / ANTHRAX VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- A section of a U-S Senate office building has been closed after tests confirmed that a letter opened in the office of Majority Leader Tom Daschle contained the potentially deadly anthrax bacteria
  • RUSSIA / U-S COOPERATION VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- : Since last month's terrorist attacks in the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin has become one of the strongest supporters of the U-S campaign against terrorism
  • WHO/ANTHRAX VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- The World Health Organization says people should not panic over reports of exposure to anthrax. The W-H-O says anthrax, which has been blamed for one death in the United States, is not contagious and is easily treatable if caught early
  • POWELL / INDIA VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell is in India, after a visit to Pakistan, to shore up support for the U-S war on terrorism, now focused on terrorist and military targets in Afghanistan
  • CHINA / U-S / UIGHURS VOA 16 Oct. 2001-- China is cooperating with Washington's war on terrorism - supplying intelligence and political support. But that worries some members of China's Muslim minority who fear that the United States might now tone down criticism of China's human-rights practices in its restive western frontier
  • Thales signs agreement to buy Magellan and NavSol from Orbital Sciences Thales 16 Oct 2001 -- Thales and Orbital Sciences Corporation of the United States have reached an agreement whereby Thales will acquire all of Orbital Sciences' satellite navigation and positioning businesses for approximately US$70 million (80 million euros).

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