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08 October 2001 Military News

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October 8, 2001 Airstrikes


  • AFGHAN AID VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- As the United States was attacking Taleban and terrorist targets in Afghanistan, it was also dropping food to help thousands of displaced Afghans facing cold and starvation
  • PENTAGON / EXPECTATIONS VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- As U-S forces carried out a second straight night of air attacks on Taleban military and al-Qaida terrorist targets in Afghanistan, U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld downplayed any expectations of a quick victory
  • EGYPT / MILITARY EXERCISES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- More than 70-thousand troops have assembled in the Egyptian desert for military exercises known as Operation Bright Star
  • AFGHANISTAN - COMMANDO TEAMS VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- In addition to the air strikes against military and terrorist targets in Afghanistan and the humanitarian drops of food supplies, the U-S-led alliance is believed to be engaged in ground operations in Afghanistan
  • PENTAGON/RUMSFELD VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- U-S forces are staging another round of air-strikes against Taleban military and al-Qaeda terrorist targets inside Afghanistan
  • U-N-TERROR LETTERS VOA 08 Oct. 2001--Britain and the United States are invoking Article-51 of the U-N Charter to justify the military action in Afghanistan.
  • PENTAGON/AIRDROPS VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Two U-S military cargo planes flew nearly 10thousand kilometers for almost 24-hours to make the first airdrops of American humanitarian relief supplies to displaced Afghans.
  • PENTAGON/STRIKES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the initial air-strikes carried out by U-S and British forces against military and terrorist targets in Afghanistan were very successful
  • NATO/STRIKES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- NATO has pledged its full support for the U-S and British military action against targets in Afghanistan and says Washington's allies will provide assistance to the operation as required
  • BRITAIN / MILITARY VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- British defense officials say 30 terrorist and military targets across Afghanistan were hit in the initial attacks by U-S and British forces.

Defense Policy / Programs

Government Statements and Transcripts

  • Transcript: Condoleezza Rice and Karen Hughes Press Briefing October 8 08 Oct. 2001-- Discusses the decision-making process for the attacks, specifies the intitial decision for strikes on Oct. 07 was made on Oct. 02, mentions "Bush Doctine"
  • Transcript: Myers Says Second Wave of Air Strikes Has Begun 08 Oct. 2001-- This campaign will be waged much like the Cold War, in the sense that it will involve many fronts over a period of time and will require continuous pressure by a large number of countries around the globe. We'll use overt and covert military efforts as well as every diplomatic, economic, financial and law enforcement resource at our command. We will not stop until the terrorist networks are destroyed
  • Myths and Facts: The International Strikes on Terrorists and their Supporters 08 Oct. 2001-- Fact: The US seeks to liberate the Afghan people from the oppression and misery brought on by the Taliban
  • Text: Negroponte Letter to the UNSC President on October 7, 2001 08 Oct. 2001-- In accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, I wish, on behalf of my Government, to report that the United States of America, together with other States, has initiated actions in the exercise of its inherent right of individual and collective self-defense following armed attacks that were carried out against the United States on September 11, 2001
  • Transcript: Rumsfeld Says First Strikes Appear Successful 08 Oct. 2001-- Rumsfeld: Well, I think, realistically, we have to expect that it could take some years, and several years. The reason I say that is because there are a lot of people who've been trained in these terrorist training camps in many of the countries that sponsor terrorism. They're already out there. They are organized. They have been financed. And what we have to do is to be patient.
  • Transcript: Rumsfeld Says Air Strikes, Food Aid Launched 08 Oct. 2001--NBC interview, Rumsfeld syays Al Qaeda has 50-60 cells worldwide
  • Text: Summary of the President's Executive Order on Homeland Security Oct. 8 08 Oct. 2001-- The Office will work with executive departments and agencies, state and local governments, and private entities to ensure the adequacy of the national strategy for detecting, preparing for, preventing, protecting against, responding to, and recovering from terrorist threats or attacks within the United States and will periodically review and coordinate revisions to that strategy as necessary.

US Domestic Responses

  • BUSH / TERRORISM WRAP VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- President Bush has opened an office of homeland security to fight terrorism. The move came on the second day of U-S and British air strikes against targets linked to the Taleban and suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network in Afghanistan
  • U-S / MUSLIM REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Muslims in the United States are closely monitoring the air strikes against military targets in Afghanistan. They express support for the U-S campaign against terrorism but raise concerns about the tactics
  • HOMELAND SECURITY VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- President Bush formally installed former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge as Director of the new Office of Homeland Security Monday as the country remains on high alert for the possibility of more terrorist attacks

International Responses

  • PAKISTAN REACTION VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- In response to the U-S attack on Afghanistan, protests in Pakistan have been smaller than anticipated, and President Pervez Musharraf appears firmly in charge. In fact, the crisis may have strengthened him. But he and others say if the war goes on too long, public opinion could turn against him
  • TALEBAN/BIN LADEN ATTACKED VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- The weekend's far-reaching attacks by the United States and British forces against the Taleban and Osama bin Laden's terrorist forces in Afghanistan are drawing mixed comments from around the world.
  • E-U REACT / STRIKES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- European Union foreign ministers (Monday) are strongly backing the U-S military action against terrorist targets in Afghanistan, while also committing aid to help with the humanitarian crisis there.
  • BRITAIN / ATTACKS VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- British Prime Minister Tony Blair has accused the Taleban rulers of Afghanistan and the al-Qaida network of spreading lies about the U-S-led anti-terrorist campaign
  • UN / AFGHAN REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Reaction to the British and U.S. air strikes against Afghanistan has been generally supportive at the United Nations, although there is concern about civilian casualties
  • AFGHAN DETAINEES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- The eight Western aid workers being detained by Taleban authorities in Afghanistan are reported to be shaken by the U-S and British air strikes, but were not injured by first wave of attacks
  • TALEBAN /O'NITER VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Taleban authorities have vowed to fight the allied coalition now carrying out a second day of air and missile strikes against terrorist-related targets in Afghanistan
  • U-N-ANNAN-AFGHANISTAN VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- U-N Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the British and U-S military action in Afghanistan is being carried out in the context of the U-N charter.
  • ANTI-TERROR WAR VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- The far-reaching attacks by the United States and British forces against military installations of the Taleban and al-Qaida, the Osama bin-Laden terror organization, are drawing comments from throughout the U-S press
  • STRIKES/AID REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- The United Nations World Food Program has suspended its food convoys into Afghanistan as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the group's workers
  • PALESTINIAN / ISRAEL / REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- At least two Palestinians were killed and dozens injured in the Gaza Strip during a violent protest against the U-S attack on terrorist-related targets in Afghanistan
  • STRIKES / EAST AFRICA REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Kenyans believe it is safer to practice restraint than revenge.
  • TALEBAN REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Taleban officials say there were at least 20-civilian deaths from Sunday's air and missile strikes against terrorist-related targets in Afghanistan
  • PAK/REACT/STRIKES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- The United States led strikes in Afghanistan have provoked violent protests in neighboring Pakistan. A number of people are said to have been injured as a result of clashes between Pakistani police and protesters
  • ATTACKS / ASIA REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Reaction to the U-S and British missile strikes (against Taleban military positions and suspected terrorists camps in Afghanistan) has been mixed in Asia.
  • MUSHARRAF / AFGHANISTAN VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Pakistan's president says the military campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan should be short and once it ends no government should be imposed on the Afghan people
  • INDONESIA / REACT VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- The Indonesian government says it is concerned by the U-S-led air strikes in Afghanistan and has called on the United States to limit its operation
  • ASIA MARKET REAX VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Asia stocks closed lower Monday following U-S led air strikes against suspected terrorist targets in Afghanistan.
  • BRITAIN / ATTACKS VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Britain has announced that the United Nations Security Council will be briefed today (Monday) on the U-S and British attacks on terrorist targets in Afghanistan.

Defense Industry

  • BAE SYSTEMS to evaluate improvements in Royal Navy high frequency communications BAE Systems 08 Oct 2001 -- BAE Systems has been awarded one of several Assessment Phase Study contracts to research and propose a compliant, "value-for-money" solution to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence's SR(S)7397 naval High Frequency (HF) capability improvement requirement.
  • CACI Awarded $12 Million Contract With Army National Guard CACI 08 Oct 2001 -- CACI International Inc (NASDAQ:CACI) announced today that it has been awarded the $12 million Consolidated Software Maintenance contract by the Army National Guard in Arlington, Virginia, to develop and maintain enterprise-wide software systems for personnel, financial, and logistical data management.
  • General Dynamics Extends Tender Offer for all Outstanding Shares of Newport News Shipbuilding General Dynamics 08 Oct 2001 -- General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) today extended its pending tender offer for all outstanding shares of common stock (including associated rights) of Newport News Shipbuilding Inc. (NYSE: NNS) to midnight EDT on October 12, 2001. The offer was previously scheduled to expire at midnight EDT on October 5, 2001.
  • ATK Rocket Motors Successfully Launch Satellite Aboard Titan IV B Rocket ATK 08 Oct 2001 -- ATK (Alliant Techsystems) (NYSE: ATK) said rocket motors designed and manufactured by its Aerospace Group helped launch a Lockheed Martin Titan IV B rocket carrying a National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. on Oct. 5.

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • Bush "Resolute" and "Determined" to Win War Against Terrorism USIA 08 Oct. 2001-- Fleischer briefs on President's day October 8
  • ANTHRAX / FLORIDA VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- For the second time in less than a week, the potentially-deadly anthrax bacteria has been detected in Florida. Federal authorities are now investigating the case of a Florida man who has tested positive for exposure to anthrax
  • U-S REACT / STRIKES VOA 08 Oct. 2001-- Initial public opinion surveys conducted in the United States show overwhelming support for U-S and British air strikes in Afghanistan - as high as 94-percent in one poll conducted by the Washington Post newspaper

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