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26 September 2001

Add Congressional Report, September 26: Powell, Rumsfeld Briefings

(Secretaries brief Congress on terrorism)  (210)
Secretary of State Colin Powell and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
have updated most members of the Senate and the House of
Representatives on the current status of anti-terrorism efforts in a
pair of Capitol Hill meetings.
The unusually broad briefings September 25 -- first of all senators
able to attend, then most members of the House -- followed by two
weeks the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the
Pentagon near Washington.
Talking with reporters after the Senate session, Powell said that he
and Rumsfeld had given the legislators "a sense of the president's
determination to pursue terrorism and especially to pursue those
responsible for the incident on the 11th of September, that terrible
Rumsfeld described the session as "a most unusual, top secret,
classified meeting," and added, "We are grateful for the terrific
support that the Republicans and Democrats on a bipartisan basis have
given the president and his administration."
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