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26 September 2001

Text: U.S. Official in Tajikistan for Talks on Response to Terrorism

(Question taken at September 25 daily press briefing) (120)
Following is the text of the State Department Spokesman's response to
a question taken at the September 25 Daily Press Briefing:
(begin text)
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, D.C. 
September 25, 2001
Question Taken at September 25, 2001 Daily Press Briefing 
QUESTION: Have any Embassy personnel returned to Tajikistan? Who is
conducting the discussion on possible Tajik support for the campaign
against terror?
ANSWER: Our Charge d'Affaires James Bougher is currently in Dushanbe
and will be holding meetings with senior Tajik Government officials to
discuss our response to the terrorist attacks in New York and
Released on September 26, 2001
(end text)
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