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BAE SYSTEMS to provide IFF interrogators for Air Force mobile approach control system

05 Sep 2001

Greenlawn, NY -ITT Gilfillan has selected BAE Systems to provide its AN/UPX-37 IFF Digital Interrogator for their new Air Force Mobile Approach Control System (MACS). This marks the first U.S. Air Force use of the AN/UPX-37. The MACS system provides reliable, robust air traffic control capability for remotely deployed air operations.

The initial contract, valued at $500,000, was awarded to the BAE Systems Advanced Systems, Greenlawn, New York. The AN/UPX-37 is currently in full production for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as well as several international navies. Within the U.S. Navy, the AN/UPX-37 is now being installed fleet-wide as the standard IFF interrogator.

"Air Force application of the Digital Interrogator opens new land-based opportunities for the UPX-37 worldwide," said Pat McMahon, Vice President for IFF/Display Systems at Greenlawn, "This contract also extends our long and successful relationship with the highly professional ITT Gilfillan group. We look forward to helping expand the global applications for the MACS system."

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