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September 14, 2001 Military News

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  • AFTERMATH OF TERRORIST ATTACKS 14 September 2001 -- Summary of media reactions in Europe
  • World Trade Center Tragedy Hits All Nationalities 09-14-01 USIA - Worldwide reaction to the attacks in the United States
  • "Biden Says Terrorists Have Doomed Themselves"09-17-01 USIA - Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden says the way of life of present and future terrorists has changed in a way they never anticipated -- they have united the civilized world against global terrorism
  • "Bush Approves Order to Call up to 50,000 U.S. Reservists to Active Duty "09-14-01 - President Bush has approved an order to call to active duty up to 50,000 members of the U.S. National Guard and Reserves to provide port operations, medical support, engineer support, general civil support and homeland defense, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.
  • "DOJ Officials Brief on Terrorist Investigation Sept. 14 "09-14-01 USIA - The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have identified 19 individuals as those who hijacked four commercial airliners September 11 in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.
  • "FBI Names 19 Hijackers "09-14-01 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released the names of 19 individuals it suspects to be the hijackers who crashed four U.S. commercial airliners September 11, and died among the 266 victims.
  • "Excerpt: Diplomatic Stage Being Set for Response to Terrorism" 09-14-01 - Secretary of State Powell has ordered all U.S. ambassadors to convey U.S. resolve and possible needs in preparation to respond to terror.
  • "Congress Votes $40,000 Million to Fight Terrorism, Aid Recovery " 09-14-01 USIA - Acting swiftly and unanimously, the U.S. Congress has voted $40,000 million dollars in emergency funds for recovery and counter-terrorism efforts following the deadly attacks that demolished the World Trade Center towers in New York and severely damaged the Pentagon near Washington September 11.
  • "Senior Administration Official Briefs on U.S. Strategy "09-14-01 - President Bush "has made clear that this is a long struggle that we are embarking on now, not something that's going to be over in a few days," a senior administration official said some 60 hours after terrorists attacked major buildings in New York and Washington.
  • "White House Report, Sept. 14: NSC's Rice on Terrorist Attacks "09-14-01 UISA - The September 11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center have been "a transforming event for all of us, for the country, and clearly for the President of the United States," White House National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice says.
  • "Secretary of State Powell Briefing at State Dept., Sept. 14 "09-14-01 - The Bush administration is continuing to work hard to build an international coalition against terrorism and to prepare an anti-terrorism campaign, Secretary of State Colin Powell told reporters at a State Department briefing September 14.
  • "EU Joint Declaration on Terrorist Attacks in U.S."09-14-01 - The European Union (EU) issued a joint declaration on terrorism September 14, the day on which all Europeans were asked to observe three minutes of silence for the victims of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington earlier in the week.
  • "Transcript: Powell Points to bin Laden as a Suspect in Terrorist Attacks"09-14-01 - Secretary of State Colin Powell reiterated on the Public Broadcasting System the evening of September 13 that the United States is "creating a coalition to go after terrorism" that would include the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Countries, the Organization of American States and others.
  • "CONGRESS TERRORISM WRAP"09-14-01 Voice of America - Congress has agreed on a resolution authorizing the President to use military force against those found to be responsible for Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.
  • "INTERVIEW: HOW HARD TO FLY A JETLINER?"09-14-01 Voice of America - The terrorists would not have needed much training to successfully commandeer those Boeing jetliners.
  • PENTAGON / RESERVES09-14-01 Voice of America - U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has asked President Bush for authority to activate thousands of reserve troops in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.
  • TERRORISM/FLIGHT TRAINING09-14-01 Voice of America - In the days since Tuesday's terrorist attacks, details have come to light revealing the extensive planning and coordination authorities say preceded the suicide missions by 19 hijackers.
  • Dateline: Pearl Harbor Redux09-14-01 Voice of America - Does the sneak attack upon the U-S Pacific Fleet in Hawaii that pulled the United States into World War Two really equate with last week's terrorist attacks?
  • ATTACKS /TALEBAN/BIN LADEN 09-14-01 Voice of America - Afghanistan's Taleban Islamic movement is defending Saudiborn dissident Osama bin Laden against accusations that he masterminded the attacks on the United States.
  • PENTAGON / RESERVISTS 09-14-01 Voice of America - For the first time since the 1991 Gulf War, President Bush has approved the mobilization of thousands of U-S military reserve forces.
  • MIDDLE EAST / BACKLASH 09-14-01 Voice of America - The terror attacks in the United States and the subsequent calls for retaliation are raising fears in the Arab world that many innocent people from some countries will suffer because of what a few people did.
  • PAKISTAN'S ROLE 09-14-01 Voice of America - Pakistan is in the middle of the terrorist struggle, with its close ties to the Taleban in Afghanistan. How to deal with Pakistan was recently discussed at Washington's Brookings Institution
  • POWELL / TERROR 09-14-01 Voice of America - U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell is mounting a global telephone campaign, urging fellow foreign ministers from the Middle East and elsewhere to "take a stand" with the United States against terrorism and in particular the Osama bin Laden terror group.
  • INDIA/U-S ATTACKS 09-14-01 Voice of America - Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has offered condolences and support to the people of the United States, in the global effort to fight terrorism. Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, Indian officials say New Delhi stands ready to offer operational help to Washington, in the event of any military retaliation for Tuesday's terrorist strikes.
  • THIRD DAY PERSPECTIVE09-14-01 Voice of America - Summary of editorials
  • CONGRESS / TERRORISM 09-14-01 Voice of America - The U-S Senate has unanimously voted to give President Bush the money and power to respond to this week's terrorist attacks in New York and near Washington. The House of Representatives will soon approve the legislation as well.
  • Lessons From History09-14-01 Voice of America - Analysis on violence in the Middle East
  • PENTAGON / MOBILIZATION 09-14-01 Voice of America - President Bush has approved the first mobilization of U-S military reserve forces since the 1991 Gulf War.
  • PENTAGON/WARNINGS 09-14-01 Voice of AmericaThere were strong words of warning at the Pentagon Friday to those behind this week's terrorist suicide attacks in New York and Washington.
  • ON THE LINE: ATTACK ON AMERICA09-14-01 Voice of America - "On the Line" discussion of the attacks.
  • FBI/SUSPECTS09-14-01 Voice of America - The U-S Justice Department has released the names of 19 persons who investigators believe hijacked the four commercial airliners that were used in Tuesday's terrorist attacks. All 19 have names that would indicate they are of Middle Eastern origin.
  • CONGRESS / TERRORISM 09-14-01 Voice of America - The U-S Congress has voted to give President Bush the money to respond to this week's terrorist attacks in the United States. The Senate approved the measure, 96 to zero, and the House followed a few hours later, 422 to zero.
  • PARTIAL MOBILIZATION OF NATIONAL GUARD, RESERVE AUTHORIZED DOD 14 Sept. 2001-- Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld has requested and President Bush has approved an order to call up to 50,000 Reservists to active duty.
  • Guard Responds AFPN 14 Sept. 2001-- National Guard responds to attacks
  • Aerial port operators help FEMA agents AFPN 14 Sept. 2001-- Maguire reacts to attacks
  • President approves partial mobilization of forces AFPN 14 Sept. 2001-- Bush approves call-up

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