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24 January 2000 Military News

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  • U-N-CONGO DEBATE Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- The U-N Security Council has opened a week- long debate on the situation in Congo-Kinshasa. The first session featured several African leaders who are directly involved in the conflict.
  • Security Council Begins Effort to Revitalize DRC Peace Process By Judy Aita USIA 24 January 2000 -- The Security Council January 24 was the scene of an extraordinary meeting of sub-Saharan African leaders who gathered at U.N. headquarters to discuss the peace process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and to urge the international community to become more engaged in bringing peace to the Great Lakes region.
  • SECRETARY-GENERAL SAYS SIERRA LEONE PEACE PROCESS AT CRUCIAL STAGE IN MESSAGE TO SECOND MEETING OF JOINT IMPLEMENTATION COMMITTEE Press Release SG/SM/7286 AFR/202 -- 24 January 2000 -- Following the decision of the Economic Community of West African States' Monitoring Observer Group (ECOMOG) contributors to repatriate their troops from Sierra Leone, I have taken immediate steps to avoid a security vacuum. To that end, I have recommended that the Security Council authorize an urgent expansion of the military and civilian police components of UNAMSIL.
  • SECRETARY-GENERAL, ADDRESSING SECURITY COUNCIL, URGES AFRICAN LEADERS TO STRENGTHEN FRAGILE PEACE PROCESS IN DEMOCRATIC REPULIC OF CONGO Press Release SG/SM/7284 SC/6790 -- 24 January 2000 -- If the United Nations is to make the right kind of difference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and avoid the wrong turns that have led to tragic consequences elsewhere, we must be ready not only to act, but to act in a way that is commensurate with the gravity of this situation.
  • SEVEN AFRICAN HEADS OF STATE ADDRESS SECURITY COUNCIL IN DAY-LONG MEETING ON DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Press Release SC/6789 - 24 January 2000 -- Seven African Heads of State addressed the Security Councils day-long meeting on the Democratic Republic of the Congo today, stressing the need for resolute international support for the peace process and for speedy establishment of a United Nations peacekeeping mission in that country

  • TURKEY / HIZBULLAH Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- Turkey's influential military is denying allegations that it had links with an armed pro-Islamic militant group. The group is said to have carried out the murders of at least 33 people whose bodies were found during the past week.
  • SIERRE LEONE / DIAMONDS Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- In Sierra Leone, former rebel leader Foday Sankoh has announced a halt to all mining operations in the country, part of an effort to stop the illegal trade of diamonds that helped finance the country's civil war.
  • KAREN-HOSTAGES Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- A group of armed insurgents from Burma's ethnic Karen minority have taken control of a hospital in western Thailand and is holding at least 500 staff members and patients hostage. The group is believed to have some connection to Karen dissidents who briefly took over the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok last year.
  • INDONESIA / AMBON UPDATE Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- The vice president of Indonesia arrived Monday in the province of Maluku -- where clashes between Christians and Muslims have claimed at least two thousand lives in the past year.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- Interior Ministry and paramilitary troops are believed doing the bulk of the fighting on the ground. The Soldiers' Mothers Committee, an anti-war group, believes at least three-thousand troops have died since the fighting began. Official sources say at least 10-thousand rebel fighters have also been killed. The number of civilians killed is also difficult to estimate; though there is evidence to indicate the figure is more than six-thousand.
  • On January 20, the OSCE Permanent Council met in Vienna Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation January 24, 2000 -- Addressing the meeting, Russia's permanent representative to OSCE, O.N. Belous, said that the characterization of what was happening in Chechnya as a conflict was unacceptable. Acting on her own territory, the Russian authorities are taking resolute measures to put an end to acts of terrorism.
  • ALGERIA / ISLAMISTS Voice of America 24 January 2000 -- The news media in Algeria report at least 100- people have been killed in several days of fighting between Islamic militants and government forces in northwestern Algeria.

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