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DATE=11/30/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=XANANA GUSMAO - JAKARTA (L-O) NUMBER=2-256660 BYLINE=PATRICIA NUNAN DATELINE=JAKARTA INTERNET=YES CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid and East Timorese leaders say they want to put the past behind them and cooperate as neighbors. As Patricia Nunan reports from Jakarta, it was the first meeting between the president Xanana Gusmao since the Indonesian government allowed East Timor its independence. TEXT: East Timorese independence leader Xanana Gusmao says he is committed to creating a cooperative, friendly, and good relationship between East Timor and Indonesia. /// XANANA GUSMAO ACT /// The past is the past, now we are look at the future, because the future means hope, means peace, means love between people and between countries. ///END ACT /// Along with East Timorese Nobel Laureate Jose Ramos- Horta, Mr. Gusmao has been meeting with government leaders in the Indonesian capital since Sunday. Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid says he would accept an invitation to visit East Timor if he receives one. After he was asked for assistance by Mr. Gusmao, the Indonesian president pledged to help rebuild East Timor, which was ravaged by anti- independence militia groups in September. /// WAHID ACT /// Now since Dili is already burnt, then he thinks the Indonesian side or the Indonesian people can help him to rebuild Dili and other places by sending building materials to the area. /// END ACT /// Much of East Timor was laid to ruin by the anti- independence militia groups. They went on a rampage of killing and destruction when most East Timorese voted for the territory to separate from Indonesian rule. Hundreds of people are believed to have died. The independence referendum was held to end more than 20-years of guerrilla war in East Timor, which began after Indonesian troops invaded the former Portuguese colony in 1975. East Timor is being administered by the United Nations while it works to form a new government and ruling institutions. It was Mr. Gusmao's first visit to the Indonesian capital since he was released from seven-years of prison and house arrest in September. As a former guerilla commander, Mr. Gusmao fought Indonesian troops in the East Timorese jungle for 17-years before he was arrested in 1992 and sentenced to 20-years in prison. President Wahid has also promised to release the last 18 East Timorese political prisoners remaining in Indonesian jails in the coming days. (SIGNED) NEB/PN/RAE 30-Nov-1999 10:10 AM EDT (30-Nov-1999 1510 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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