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DATE=11/9/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=SAF - CONGO - ANGOLA (L-ONLY) NUMBER=2-255959 BYLINE=ALEX BELIDA DATELINE=JOHANNESBURG CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: South Africa's Foreign Minister has voiced concern over the situation in Congo-Kinshasa, where a fragile cease-fire and peace agreement appear to be in danger. V-O-A Johannesburg Correspondent Alex Belida reports that Nkosazana Zuma (Eds: EN-KOH-SAH-ZAH-NA ZOO-MA) discussed developments in the Congo and in neighboring Angola in an interview today (Tuesday) with South African national radio. TEXT: South Africa's Foreign Affairs Minister say she believes all the parties to the Congolese peace agreement are still committed to implementation of the accord. But Nkosazana Zuma tells South African national radio there are, what she calls, worrying signs, including fresh reports of fighting in violation of a cease-fire and comments from some quarters, which she says are not encouraging. // ZUMA ACTUALITY // There are some signs that are worrying that we all have to keep an eye on. It's not an easy process. It's complicated. It's got many countries, many dimensions. // END ACTUALITY // Mrs. Zuma says she believes that what may be happening in the Congo involves jockeying for advantage ahead of negotiations between the rival parties involved in the country's more than year-long civil war. Turning to the civil war in Angola pitting government troops against forces of the UNITA rebel movement, the South African Foreign Minister says what is happening there is tragic. // ZUMA ACTUALITY // I think the frustrating thing about that one (war in Angola) is that, indeed there have been peace initiatives that have ended up in agreements but I think what frustrates people is that, yes, those agreements have not been honored, particularly on the side of UNITA. And therefore the Angolan government is asking a question, well if we get in another round of negotiations, what guarantees do we have that whatever agreements are reached will be honored and that's a difficult question to answer. // END ACTUALITY // // OPT // Nonetheless, she says there are certain things happening on the African continent that may have a positive effect on Angola. Mrs. Zuma says one is the decision by the Organization of African Unity not to accept people who take power militarily. She says that may be a deterrent to UNITA trying to take power by force and may in the long run force the rebel movement to enter into negotiations and to stick to any agreements that might be reached. // END OPT // In the meantime, she says a human tragedy is unfolding, with millions of Angolans displaced by the continued fighting. She says it is important for countries in Southern Africa and elsewhere to provide humanitarian assistance to the Angolans who she says are the real victims of the war. (Signed) NEB/BEL/GE/PLM 09-Nov-1999 05:59 AM EDT (09-Nov-1999 1059 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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