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17 November 1999 Military News

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Other Conflicts

  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- : Russia, bowing to international pressure, has agreed to allow a top United Nations official to visit the northern Caucasus, including parts of breakaway Chechnya.
  • EDITORIAL: RUSSIA'S POLICY IN CHECHNYA Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- The Russian army has used indiscriminate force. It has attacked civilians and bombed homes and marketplaces. When the fighting began some six weeks ago, Russia said its objectives were limited to subduing bandits hiding in Chechnya's mountains. The Russian army, however, is doing more than this.
  • CONGRESS-RUSSIA/CHECHNYA Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- The U-S Congress is speaking out on the situation in Chechnya. The House has condemned Russian attacks on Chechen civilians, while key members of the Senate have urged specific action by President Clinton.
  • O-S-C-E SUMMIT Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- O-S-C-E officials insist the summit should demand a timetable from Russia on the withdrawal of troops from Chechnya. The increased number of Russian military in the area counters the Conventional Weapons Treaty ceiling for troops and equipment along Russia's southern flank.
  • RUSSIA REFUGEES Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata is due to arrive in Ingushetia on Thursday to witness the plight of nearly 210-thousand Chechen refugees.
  • RUSSIA'S WAR IN CHECHNYA LIKELY TO DOMINATE OSCE SUMMIT IN ISTANBUL USIA Foreign Media Reaction17 November 1999 -- Russian papers also stressed that the meeting "is a make-or-break point" in terms of Moscow's relations with the West. Reformist Izvestiya held that "it will probably end as a stalemate, with both sides sticking to their guns," adding that "flogging Russia in public will hardly have any serious political effect" since it wouldn't force Russia to "give up its stand on Chechnya." And indeed, Russia's print media, with few exceptions, continued the drumbeat of support for their goverment's military campaign.
  • ACEH VS EAST TIMOR Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- Aceh is important to Indonesia's economic prosperity. Aceh accounts for two percent of Indonesia's population but provides about 13 percent of the country's revenues. For example, Indonesia is the world's leading exporter of liquified natural gas, and one third of that gas comes from Aceh.
  • ACEH SEPARATISM Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- The guerilla "Free Aceh Movement" declared an independent Islamic state in 1976 -- which was never recognized by the Indonesian government or the international community. But the group has gained greater support across Aceh, since the Indonesian military crackdown.
  • INDONESIA / ACEH Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- One day after Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid announced he thought a referendum could be held on the future status of the northern province of Aceh, other government officials are questioning his statement.
  • LANKA/ VAVUNIYA Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels have asked civilians who fled the northern town of Vavuniya to return to their homes.
  • RUSSIA / GEORGIA ATTACK Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- Georgia has protested to Russia about an air attack on Georgian territory along its border with Chechnya.
  • ANGOLA / UNITA / BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS Voice of America 17 November 1999 -- Angolan authorities are allegedly considering the use of biological agents against fugitive UNITA rebel leader Jonas Savimbi. But regional analysts suspect the purported secret plan is just part of an ongoing Angolan misinformation effort.

News Reports

  • Fact Sheet: U.S. Anti-Torture Initiative 17 November 1999 -- OSCE states have committed themselves to take measures to prevent torture and punish those responsible for it. In 1997 the OSCE established an Advisory Panel for the Prevention of Torture, based on a U.S. proposal, and more recently a coalition of human rights organizations developed minimum standards for states to ensure effective investigation and documentation of torture.

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