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02 November 1999 Military News

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  • PRESS CONFERENCE BY AUSTRALIAN FOREIGN MINISTER 2 November 1999 -- The mission of the Multinational Force in East Timor -- INTERFET - - was going well, and peace and security had been restored, Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, told correspondents at a Headquarters press conference this morning.
  • U-N-H-C-R / EAST TIMOR Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- The U-N refugee agency says anti-independence militias are obstructing the return of East Timorese refugees from camps in West Timor.
  • BACKGROUND BRIEFING BY SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALNovember 2, 1999 -- We're very concerned that Russia is pursuing a strategy that could entail major and increasing civilian casualties in Chechnya, and we stressed that it's not in the interest of any country, for that matter, to try to resolve internal problems at the price of a major loss of life of innocent people.
  • CHECHNYA BORDER SCENE Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- Russia's current military offensive in Chechnya has triggered a mass exodus of civilians -- an estimated 200-thousand people.
  • RUSSIA - U-S Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- U.S. officials say President Clinton plans to make a personal appeal to Russia's prime minister during talks in Oslo to try to minimize civilian casualties in Russia's military campaign in Chechnya.
  • U-N-H-C-R / CHECHNYA Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- The United Nations refugee agency, U-N-H-C-R, is voicing continued concern about the thousands of people stranded along the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia (in Southern Russia).
  • Text: U.S. "Deeply Concerned" by Reported Military Movements in DROC 02 November 1999- The United States is "deeply concerned" by reports of military preparations, including the movement of troops and materiel deployed by forces on both sides in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DROC), the U.S. Department of State announced.
  • SIERRA LEONE SITREP Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- In Sierra Leone, cracks appear to be widening within the former rebel alliance. Troops from the rival factions have clashed sporadically since mid-October.
  • SRI LANKA KILLING Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- Two days of heavy fighting in the north of the country has killed more than 60 Tamil tiger rebels and government soldiers.
  • TURKEY / KURDS Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- Turkey's top military official says at least 700-rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, the P-K-K, have withdrawn from Turkish territory in recent months.
  • POLITICAL VIOLENCE IN ARMENIA Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- Armenia has suffered comparatively little of the political violence that has ravaged other newly independent states.
  • ATROCITIES / ROBINSON Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- The U-N High Commissioner for Human Rights warns that atrocities are occurring or imminent in Africa's Great Lakes region and the former Yugoslavia.
  • INDONESIA / ACEH Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- Demonstrators in Indonesia's northern province of Aceh set fire to a local assembly-building and a police post during a protest to demand a referendum be held to allow the people decide whether the province should break free of Indonesia.

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