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DATE=10/19/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=EAST TIMOR / GRAVE (L-ONLY) NUMBER=2-255216 BYLINE=PATRICIA NUNAN DATELINE=JAKARTA CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: A mass grave containing the bodies of at least 20-people has been discovered by international peacekeepers in East Timor. As Patricia Nunan reports from Jakarta, it is the largest discovery of graves since anti-independence militia groups went on a rampage of destruction and killing last month. Text: Peacekeepers say it remains unclear whether the bodies they found had been killed at the site of the mass grave -- or if they were moved there later. The grave was found in the town of Liquisa, a stronghold of anti-independence militia groups 60-kilometers west of the capital, Dili. Despite recent reports that the militias are still active in Liquisa, the peacekeepers say they have the town under control. An investigation will be launched into the killings. Human rights workers say hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of people may have been killed in East Timor when anti-independence militia groups launched a murderous campaign of terror last month. The anti- independence militias were reacting to an announcement by the United Nations that the majority of East Timorese voters rejected a plan to continue living under Indonesian rule. But it is difficult to determine exactly how many people may have been killed. Up to 400-thousand of East Timor's missing people are believed to be hiding in the mountains, or taking shelter in refugee camps in neighboring West Timor. Aid-workers say they are getting ready for what could be a massive exodus of refugees returning to East Timor in the coming weeks. Relief workers say they expect refugees to be malnourished because of the food and water shortages they have faced in refugee camps. // REST OPT // Meanwhile, Indonesia's National Assembly is expected to ratify the results of East Timor's independence vote (Tuesday). The move would make East Timor an independent nation after 24-years of guerilla war. (SIGNED) NEB/PN/GC/FC 19-Oct-1999 07:18 AM EDT (19-Oct-1999 1118 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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