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DATE=10/6/1999 TYPE=EDITORIAL TITLE=EDITORIAL: ANGOLA'S CIVIL WAR NUMBER=0-08476 CONTENT= Anncr: The Voice of America presents differing points of view on a wide variety of issues. Next, an editorial expressing the policies of the United States Government: Voice: A civil war has been devastating the southwest African nation of Angola for the past twenty five years. Five years ago, it appeared the conflict was finally coming to an end, when the government and the rebels, known as UNITA, negotiated a peace accord called the Lusaka Protocols. Unfortunately, UNITA did not comply with its obligations under the accord, the cease- fire was breached, and the fighting resumed. Since then, thousands more have died. Today, the humanitarian situation in Angola remains critical, with an estimated one and three quarter million people internally displaced. In recent weeks, the Angolan government has stepped up its offensive against UNITA forces in the north and in the country's central highlands. Government troops recently beseiged the UNITA stronghold of Bailundo. Bailundo is one of four towns in the central highlands that UNITA refused to turn over to the government last year, despite a commitment to do so under the Lusaka Protocols. By its failure to comply with the peace accord, UNITA continues to make a bad situation worse. According to the United Nations Security Council, UNITA forces are still assaulting and murdering civilians and aid workers. UNITA has deliberately targeted cities and villages, forcing tens of thousands of Angolans to flee their homes. These reckless attacks must stop. Indeed, it is time for both the Angolan government and UNITA to bring this war to an end. Both sides must recognize that they cannot continue to ignore the devastating impact that the fighting has had on the lives of ordinary Angolans. Anncr: That was an editorial expressing the policies of the United States Government. If you have a comment, please write to Editorials, V-O-A, Washington, D-C, 20547, U-S-A. You may also comment at www-dot-voa-dot-gov-slash-editorials, or fax us at (202) 619-1043. 05-Oct-1999 16:13 PM EDT (05-Oct-1999 2013 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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