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DATE=9/29/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=JAKARTA/PEACEFUL PROTESTS (L) NUMBER=2-254447 BYLINE=AMY BICKERS DATELINE=JAKARTA CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Hundreds of university students held an anti-violence protest in Jakarta Wednesday. As Amy Bickers reports from the Indonesian capital, the students were not the only ones in Jakarta's streets Wednesday pushing for political reform. TEXT: /// :04 PROTEST NOISE, UP AND FADE UNDER /// More than 500 students gathered in Jakarta Wednesday to protest against the recent violence and to express support for the country's continuing but fragile democratic reform process. For more than five hours, they shouted slogans such as "reject anarchy," as they demonstrated in front of a Jakarta hotel. Inside were members of Indonesia's new parliament, which will be sworn in Friday. The students were joined by politicians Abdurrahman Wahid (prono: ab-doo-RAH-man Wa- heed), head of the country's largest mass Muslim organization, who said that parliament must be the vehicle to express the public's demand. Leading reform figure Amien Rais (prono: Ameen Rye-ees) also joined in the gathering and called on the students to continue their struggle for change in Indonesia. Both men are seen as possible presidential contenders in Indonesia's upcoming elections. Wednesday's protest follows the killing of a student by security troops during a demonstration in the Sumatran city of Bandar Lampung on Tuesday and the deaths of seven people during protests in Jakarta last week. The demonstrations came after the passage of a controversial security law, whose implementation has since been postponed. One student leader said the protesters want to put pressure on members of parliament not to forget their commitment to carry out reforms. Student groups say they have scheduled more protests in the run-up to a presidential election scheduled for November. Top Indonesian politicians also met with beleaguered President B-J Habibie Wednesday and advised him not to seek re-election. The politicians, including Amien Rais, say Mr. Habibie's candidacy could be a destabilizing force. Indonesia's main political parties are also pushing for the presidential poll to be brought forward because of Mr. Habibie's unpopularity. He has been widely criticized for his handling of various crisis, including a major bank scandal and East Timor's vote for independence from Indonesia. (Signed) NEB/AB/FC/KL 29-Sep-1999 07:18 AM EDT (29-Sep-1999 1118 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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