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DATE=9/29/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=U-S - INDONESIA (S&L) NUMBER=2-254485 BYLINE=NICK SIMEONE DATELINE=NEW YORK CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: The United States and Indonesia disagree over the seriousness of the refugee situation spawned by the crisis in East Timor, as well as the need for a United Nations commission of inquiry to examine human rights violations there. Correspondent Nick Simeone reports Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had what was described as an intense meeting on East Timor with Indonesian Foreign Minister Ali Alatas in New York Wednesday. TEXT: Indonesia continues to believe the refugee situation in West Timor is not as serious as others, including the United States, say it is. /// OPT FOR LONG /// On a recent trip to the region, Assistant Secretary of State for refugees Julia Taft found pro-Indonesia militias colluding with Indonesian troops in intimidating refugees and preventing aid from getting to people who need it. But after Secretary Albright's meeting with her Indonesian counterpart, a senior US official told reporters Ali Alatas rejected that assessment, saying reports he has received indicate the situation is not as bad as the United States and others describe. /// END OPT /// U-S officials are warning Indonesia it risks losing American aid and investment if it does not protect refugees in areas under its control. Washington plans to send another envoy back to the region within days to reassess the refugee situation. Both governments also disagree on who should conduct an investigation into reports of widespread atrocities following East Timor's August 30th referendum on independence. During their Wednesday meeting, Secretary Albright urged the Indonesian Foreign Minister to reconsider his government's rejection of a United Nations inquiry. The Jakarta government maintains it is capable of conducting an investigation on its own. /// OPT FOR LONG /// But U-S officials say the United Nations inquiry will go forward, and that Indonesia would not be able to stop investigators from going to East Timor since any U-N team could enter the region from Darwin, Australia - the same place from which international peace keepers went in. (SIGNED) NEB/NJS/TVM/gm 29-Sep-1999 19:15 PM EDT (29-Sep-1999 2315 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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