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DATE=9/10/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=ANNAN - TIMOR (L) NUMBER=2-253708 BYLINE=BARBARA SCHOETZAU DATELINE=NEW YORK CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: At the United Nations (today/Friday) Secretary- General Kofi Annan strongly urged Indonesia to accept an international peacekeeping force to stop what he calls East Timor's descent "into anarchy" following the territory's August referendum on independence. Correspondent Barbara Schoetzau reports from New York. TEXT: Mr. Annan says the time has come for Indonesian President B-J Habibie to admit his government cannot fulfill its responsibility to keep law and order in East Timor. Mr. Annan says even the introduction of martial law has not stopped anti-independence militias from looting, burning and killing. //// ANNAN ACT //// Before the eyes of the world, the people of East Timor are being terrorized and massacred because they exercised their right of self-determination in a ballot organized by the United Nations under an agreement reached, with my help, between Portugal, the former colonial power, and Indonesia, the currently occupying power. /// END ACT //// Repeated threats have forced the United Nations to close 12 of its 13 regional centers in East Timor and withdraw most of its staff. Mr. Annan says the militias continue to threaten the U-N compound in Dili, the capital where hundreds of people have taken refuge along with a skeletal U-N staff. //// ANNAN ACT //// Last night there was a new incident at our compound and at the adjoining school compound. Militias fired their weapons in the air and threatened to invade the UNAMET compound itself. Yet the Indonesian forces who are supposed to be protecting the compound did nothing. So far, they have been either unable or unwilling to take effective steps to restore security. //// END ACT //// The Secretary-General says the time has clearly come for Indonesia to seek help from the international community. Mr. Annan says New Zealand, the Philippines and Malaysia are willing to participate in a peacekeeping force led by Australia. //// REST OPT /// Speaking with U-N reporters, Mr. Annan said the United Nations cannot authorize a force to go to Indonesia without a request from Jakarta. //// ANNAN ACT /// We all talk of the U-N and the international community. The international community is governments, governments with the capacity and the will to do. The governments have made it clear that it would be too dangerous for them to go in and they will not do it without, if you wish, the consent of Indonesia. This is why I believe that Indonesia must be pressured to change its mind and let them come in. //// END ACT //// Mr. Annan says the international community must bring collective pressure on Indonesia to admit it has failed and needs help.(Signed) NEB/NYC/BJS/BA/JO 10-Sep-1999 16:16 PM EDT (10-Sep-1999 2016 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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