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DATE=8/30/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=INDONESIA - EAST TIMOR (L-ONLY) NUMBER=2-253247 BYLINE=BRONWYN CURRAN DATELINE=JAKARTA CONTENT= ///Editors: re-issuing what was 2-253246 as 2-253247 to change the wording of the last actuality (Amelia). That actuality is being fed in Indonesian and is paraphrased by Bronwyn Curran. It also is shortened from its original form. The actuality in its entirety will be fed in Indonesian./// VOICED AT: INTRO: East Timor Resistance leader Xanana Gusmao was allowed out from house arrest in the Indonesian capital Monday, to cast his vote in the day's historic ballot. Bronwyn Curran reports from Jakarta, the former guerilla leader received a hero's welcome when he arrived at the voting center, where almost a thousand East Timorese were waiting to vote. TEXT: ///ACT: SFX: CROWD CHEERS FOR XANANA /// Throngs of supporters pressed against a tight security cordon of East Timorese bodyguards as a prison escort led Xanana Gusmao into the Jakarta voting center. Other voters shouted his name and yelled "Timor Leste" as Mr. Gusmao emerged from the voting booth, making the East Timor independence movement's symbol with his hands. Fifteen-hundred East Timorese had registered to vote at the United Nations office in Jakarta. Almost a thousand of those voters were already at the center when the independence leader arrived early Monday. Outside the house in central Jakarta where he has been detained since leaving prison in January, Mr. Gusmao's lawyer Hendardi said his client has decided to remain silent until the results of the ballot are announced. /// ACT HENDARDI(INDONESIAN)/// Mr. Hendardi said Mr. Gusmao does not want to make any comment for the time being, until the vote counting is completed. He does not want to upset the vote counting process or say anything that might be interpreted as provocative by the different sides involved in the process. Mr. Hendardi added the rebel leader does feel the ballot has been carried out in a good manner. The crowd of voters in Jakarta was enthusiastic but peaceful. Among the voters was the Secretary General of the Timorese Socialist Party, Salar Kosi. /// ACT KOSI /// Kosi: I have been fighting for independence so it means I will choose independence. Q: how long were you fighting for? Kosi: For 24 years. I was in forest for four years and I came to the city and I live in Java since 1989. ///END ACT /// Twenty-three year old student Matheus travelled from the central Java town of Yogyakarta to cast his vote for independence. ///MATHEUS ACT /// I have decide to make my own decision about our future, about East Timor's future, so of course I choose independence for East Timor. ///END ACT /// Twenty-three-year old flight attendant Amelia says she's been waiting years to have her say on East Timor. /// AMELIA ACT. in Indonesian, bring under and then fade/// Amelia says she has been fighting for independence since seeing with her own eyes people being killed indiscriminately, so that's what made her want to do something. Thousands of East Timorese outside Indonesia also voted on Monday. In Australia, Nobel Laureate Jose Ramos Horta was among several hundred voters. As he dropped his ballot in the box in Sydney he said his vote was for peace in Timor and for all those who died in the past 24 years. (Signed) NEB/BC/FC/PLM 30-Aug-1999 07:26 AM EDT (30-Aug-1999 1126 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .

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