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2006 Congressional Reports

Full Text Report
FY 2007 Defense Appropriations
House H.R. 5631 RFS H.R. 109-504
FY 2007 Defense Authorization
House H.R. 5122 H.R. 109-452
Senate S.2766 S.R.109-254

  • United States Army Military Readiness Offfices of Reps. Murtha and Obey 13 Sep 2006 -- "The U.S. Army's preparedness for war has eroded to levels not witnessed by our country in decades. As deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan continue unabated, there is a very real prospect that Army readiness will continue to erode, undermining its ability to meet the theater commanders' needs and foreclosing any option for the U.S. to respond to conflicts elsewhere around the globe. The degradation of Army readiness is primarily a function of unanticipated high troop deployment levels to Iraq, chronic equipment and personnel shortages, funding constraints, and Pentagon civilian mismanagement."

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